Babington Technologies-Airtronic Burner

NSN: 7310-01-442-8340
The World's Cleanest and Most Energy-Efficient Low capacity Distillate Fuel Burner

Atomization Principle results in no smoke, no odor, no carbon monoxide

Subject of over a dozen patents, the Airtronic Burner employs a unique fuel-atomization technique designed to achieve the highest safety standards. This revolutionary approach to spraying liquids creates a Super-fine mist of uniform fuel droplets below the 10 micron range. This leads to near-perfect and highly efficient combustion, and enables the burner to operate from startup to shutdown without smoke, odor or carbon monoxide. It is the ONLY burner that burns any distillate fuel (diesel, JP-8, Kerosene…) efficiently, reliably, cleanly and safely.

No Smoke, No Odor, No Noxious fumes aka Stoichiometric combustion

In any combustion technology, complete combustion (that is capturing all the potential energy in a given fuel) is the goal. It is the measure of performance against which all burners are judged. This is called Stoichiometric combustion – the theoretical point of 100% efficiency where 100% of the energy in a given fuel is consumed.

This is important because greater efficiency means greater efficiency, of course, but it also means fewer harmful chemicals are produced. Chemicals such as CO (Carbon Monoxide), NOx (Nitric Oxide), NOx2 (Nitrogen Dioxide), SO2 (Sulfur Dioxide, soot, smoke and ash are the byproducts of incomplete combustion. These chemicals are harmful to the environment and should be minimized.

Babington Airtronic BurnerHigh combustion efficiency at all firing rates
Reliable performance over extended periods (e.g., 5000 hours)
Single switch on/off operation
Operational simplicity, rapid deployment and low power consumption
Variable firing rates with a single dial and no parts change
Operates without smoke, odor or carbon monoxide from start-up to shutdown
Instantaneous ignition with low energy spark
Multi-fuel capability [ DF-1, DF-2 (diesel), DF-M, JP-5, JP-8 and Kerosene]
Tolerance to fuel contaminated with water and dirt
High combustion efficiency regardless of fuel viscosity
Low power consumption
No preheat requirements even at ambient temperatures as low as -40°F
Lightweight and compact design
Compatible with virtually any type of heat exchanger
Suitable for use with off-road military combat and support vehicles
Tolerance to tilt, shock, and vibration
Modular design promotes simple maintenance procedures
Designed to satisfy the highest military and commercial safety standards
Reliable performance from -55°F to +140°F
Field tested by the U.S. Army at 53 degrees below zero, using Winter-grade diesel fuel; Lit reliably even after 24-hour cold soak

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+1 410 271 1382
Austin Bachmann- Commercial & Global Sales
Babington Technologies
159 Fabrication Way
Rocky Mount North Carolina 27804
United States

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