Babington Technologies- Mobile Kitchen Trailer

designed to  support the first responder's primary mission – reacting quickly to contingency  disasters. Food cooked and served rapidly to the needy and hungry is  morale-boosting and a key logistical component of any first response.

Rapidly deployable. Our free-standing mobile kitchen is ready for C-130 transport, built to be pulled by a standard heavy-duty pickup, and designed for  fast setup and shutdown.

Extremely  flexible, the DRMKT supports virtually any field-feeding scenario, from quickly prepared boil-in-the-bag meals to restaurant-quality meals for up to 1,000 people in under 90 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Rapidly deployable to any emergency – built for loading onto a C-130 and pulling by a  standard heavy-duty pickup
  • Capable of preparing the entire family of Unitized Group Rations, cook-chilled,  boil-in-the-bag products, and virtually any type of fresh food.
  • Easy-to-use, fast setup and shutdown
  • Safe and reliable – burner technology has been fielded for over 25 years in some of  the harshest conditions
  • Burns any type of distillate fuel (JP-8, for example) cleanly and efficiently
  • Capable of feeding up to 1,000 people in less than 90 minutes


  • 23-cubic foot reach-in  refrigerator
  • Quiet, 4-foot griddle with  uniform dial-in surface temperature
  • Quiet 10.3 cu. ft. double-door  convection oven that accommodates six commercial (26'' x 18") pans with  interior strip lighting to illuminate all six shelves
  • Quiet, 15-gallon stockpot heating  module
  • White-powder-coated aluminum  ceiling with flush-mounted fluorescent lights
  • Stainless steel internal  sidewalls and base cabinets
  • Pullout trash compartment  underneath prep table
  • Three-sink sanitation system – also  serves as a secondary tray ration heater
  • Hand-washing station with  automatic (infrared) faucet
  • 110-gallon gray water holding  tank underneath sink assembly
  • Tray Ration Heating System
  • 50-gallon potable water tank with  a 25-gallon reserve
  • Stainless steel internal sidewall  and base cabinets, seamless construction eliminates cracks and crevices for  easy cleanup
  • Insulated and heated food storage  cabinets
  • Computer information system with  touch screen
  • No exposed conduits or  electrical wiring

The Babington Airtronic Burner

Babington Airtronic BurnerAt  the heart of every DRMKT appliance, the Tray Ration Heater, Silent Griddle, Stockpot, Convection Oven, and Field Sanitation Unit), lies the Babington Airtronic  Burner – the world's cleanest, and most energy-efficient distillate fuel burner.

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+1 410 271 1382
Austin Bachmann- Commercial & Global Sales
Babington Technologies
159 Fabrication Way
Rocky Mount North Carolina 27804
United States

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