Ebola News Digest - December 29

December 30, 2014

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               WHO Ebola Data


Countries with Widespread and Intense Transmission of Ebola



Total Cases

**New cases reported in past 21 days

Total Deaths

**New deaths reported in past 21 days


WHO Data 12/24/14





Sierra Leone

WHO Data 12/24/14






WHO Data 12/24/14











*These numbers are subject to change due to on-going reclassification. **Estimate based on numbers reported 21 days prior.

Countries with Localized Transmission of Ebola



Total Cases

New cases in the past 21 days

Total Deaths

New deaths


WHO Roadmap 12/24/14






WHO Roadmap 12/24/14






WHO Roadmap 12/24/14






WHO Roadmap 12/24/14






WHO Roadmap 12/24/14












Sign of the times--A man passes by a “safe burial” mural in downtown Monrovia.  Photo: USAID/OFDA


Ebola case confirmed in Glasgow hospital

BBC--The woman, who arrived from Sierra Leone on Sunday night, is in isolation at Glasgow's Gartnavel Hospital. All possible contacts with the case are being investigated, including on flights to Scotland via Heathrow.

Situation Summary Data Published on 29 December 2014

Ebola response roadmap - Situation report 12/14/14

A total of 19 497 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been reported in four affected countries (Guinea, Liberia, Mali and Sierra Leone) and four previously affected countries (Nigeria, Senegal, Spain and the United States of America) in the seven days to 21 December (week 51). There have been 7588 reported deaths

Ebola Cases Reach Over 20,000

Time--There's close to 400 new cases in just four days. Cases of Ebola in Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea have reached over 20,000. New numbers released from the World Health Organization (WHO) on Monday show Ebola has infected 20,081 people and killed 7,842. That’s nearly 400 new cases of the disease in just four days.   


Liberia Reports Dozens Of New Ebola Cases Near Border With Sierra Leone

AP--Dozens of new Ebola cases have erupted in Liberia, near the border with Sierra Leone, Liberian health officials warned Monday, marking a setback amid recent improvements. The flare-up is due to a number of factors including people going in and out of Liberia and traditional practices such as the washing of bodies, said Liberia's Assistant Health Minister Tolbert Nyenswah. Forty-nine cases were reported in western Grand Cape Mount County between December 1 and 25, Nyenswah told state radio.    


Ron Klain, the 'Ebola czar', weighs in on the outbreak

outbreak news today--Ron Klain, the 'Ebola czar', weighs in on the outbreak, CDC's sample mishandling Despite being on the job for more than 2 months, we've seen or heard little from President Obama's “Ebola czar”, Ron Klain. In a rare appearance on CBS's Face the Nation, Klain came out to weigh in a several issues related to the lethal viral disease.


Ebola Corpse Arrested, 2000 Persons Quarantined

all africa--Two thousand persons have been quarantined in Lofe Town, Margibi County, after a corpse transported for burial was confirmed by the County Health Authorities of being Ebola infected.


A Year And 7,000 Deaths Later, A Look At The Ebola Epidemic

npr--The first case in the current Ebola outbreak in Africa was found a year ago. Dr. Dan Cooper, a British health worker volunteering at a treatment center in Sierra Leone, describes how things are now.


Ebola scourge forecast to last through 2015

Ebola scourge forecast to last through 2015 Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff reporter. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers "The Obama Nation" and "Unfit for Command." Corsi's latest book is "Who Really Killed Kennedy?" rss feed Subscribe to ;...


Ebola: How does it compare?

bbc--The world has witnessed the largest-ever epidemic of Ebola claim thousands of lives in West Africa in 2014. Since the first case, a two-year-old who passed away on 28 December 2013, there have been more than 6,900 deaths. Outbreaks such as Ebola have ;...


What Ebola has taught us

chicago tribune--What Ebola has taught us On Ebola: Be aggressive. Track contacts. Isolate patients. Publicize your success stories. Safely bury your de. World Health Organization officials said Tuesday that the deadly Ebola virus could lead to 5,000 to 10,000 new cases a week in West Africa by ;...


Ebola’s lessons, painfully learned at great cost in dollars and human lives

Washington Post--A year after it began, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa continues to be unpredictable, forcing governments and aid groups to improvise strategies as they chase a virus that is unencumbered by borders or bureaucracy. The people fighting Ebola are coming up with lists of lessons learned — not only for the current battle, which has killed more than 7,500 people and is far from over, but also for future outbreaks of deadly contagions. Many of the lessons are surprising and specific — the color of body bags turns out to be important, as does the design of Ebola clinics. The most common-sense lesson is that all Ebola is local; solutions can’t be dictated from Geneva or New York.

FDA Approves Roche’s Ebola Test

Time--A fast-acting Ebola test gets a green light for emergency use

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved pharmaceutical company Roche’s fast-acting Ebola test for emergency use.

Is Ebola Here to Stay?

Scientific American--Kisses are at a premium in the capital of Liberia. Even a hug or a handshake between friends is often out of the question. That’s the new normal ever since Ebola began ravaging communities throughout Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. For much of the past year, residents of these west African countries have wondered if daily life will ever be able to return to the way things once were. And at the heart of the matter is a scientific question: has Ebola now found a permanent foothold among humans? The answer, however, is not easy to suss out. In fact, it’s a guessing game. Even for top scientists.

The Monster in the Sea

On the two-hour drive on the paved road from Monrovia, followed by nearly an hour of traversing the back-breaking bumps on mud-and-dirt roads, Frank Mahoney blasted Nigerian Afropop and American jazz from his laptop speakers. Between the cuts of music that Mahoney, a U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) epidemiologist, had amassed during his years tracking epidemics across Africa, he barked at and begged the callers on the other end of his cell phone, pushing them to find money, stop dangerous behaviors that could spread Ebola, and fix errors in papers due to be published soon. Also in the car was his CDC colleague, Terry Lo, and together we were headed northwest to a town called Jene-Wonde (“Jehn-ah Wahn-deh”), located close to Liberia’s border with Sierra Leone.

How Ebola Roared Back

NYT--On the flight back to Atlanta, Dr. Pierre Rollin snoozed in Seat 26C in his usual imperturbable way, arms folded, head bobbing, oblivious to loudspeaker announcements and the periodic passing of the galley cart.


Possible Ebola exposure from CDC mistake

CNN--Brianna Keilar talks with Gavin Macgregor-Skinner and Dr. Seema Yasmin about the Ebola scare.

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This routine had become part of his lore. During each viral outbreak, Dr. Rollin, the top Ebola expert at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, would outlast his younger colleagues in the hotel lobby, staying awake until 3 or 4 a.m. to plug new cases into a database. He managed to do this at 61 because he possessed an uncanny ability to sleep anywhere anytime, whether on the hardwood floor of a staff house in Zaire (Ebola, 1995) or in a back seat lurching down a cratered road in Madagascar (Rift Valley fever, 2008).


Global business leaders join fight against ebola at UN conference

Telegraph--Business has a critical role to play in tackling the Ebola virus in Africa and preventing it from spreading, a ground-breaking conference at the United Nations has been told. Executives from international companies including GlaxoSmithKline, Arcelor Mittal, Google and Facebook met with leaders from organisations including the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Unicef at the UN’s New York headquarters on Thursday to examine how industry has stepped in to help fight the disease.

London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Ebola in Context: Understanding Transmission, Response and Control. This free online course looks at how Ebola, a disease that many people had never heard of until last year, has caused a humanitarian crisis and worldwide panic. It examines the science behind the outbreak, to understand why it has occurred on this scale and how it can be controlled.


JFC-UA transitions critical health care worker training to partners

The Department of Defense Ebola Treatment Training Team, the joint-service team tasked by the DoD to train health care workers to staff Ebola treatment units, is scheduled to transition its critical mission for the Joint Forces Command – United Assistance, Jan. 1, 2015. Initially split between the DET-3 and the World Health Organization, the training mission will be transferred back to the WHO, who provides the course for the Liberian Ministry of Health, the ETU health care workers who were trained as trainers, and PAE, a contracting company.

Australian team sent to Africa to tackle Ebola

A team of six workers left for West Africa on Monday to bolster Australia's response to the unpredictable Ebola crisis that has claimed the lives of more than 7500 people.

Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop confirmed the deployment, which includes four medical professionals and two support team members, would join 26 Australian healthcare workers working in the Australian-run Ebola Treatment Centre in Sierra Leone. Since its opening two weeks ago, the clinic had treated 16 patients, Ms Bishop said.

Health care workers to train staff at Ebola treatment units

Health care workers to train staff at Ebola treatment units Sgt. 1st Class Nathan Hoskins , Joint Forces Command United Assistance Public Affairs       


Iron Knights Fly Further in United Assistance

DoD News--Iron Knights Fly Further in United Assistance ℠2014 - The 2nd 501st Aviation Regiment employs a refueling tactic known as "Fat Cow," for the first time in Operation United Assistance. This allows them to fly far enough to get to Ebola treatment units.    


Financial contributions against Ebola by country (4 Dec 2014)

UN Development Programme Country: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, World Issue Brief: China's Role in the Ebola Crisis   


JFC-UA transitions critical health care worker training to partners

The Department of Defense Ebola Treatment Training Team, the joint-service team tasked by the DOD to train health care workers to staff Ebola treatment units, is scheduled to transition its critical mission for the Joint Forces Command ? United Assistance, Jan. 1, 2015.


More efforts needed to end Ebola

December 28 marks one year after a two year old boy in Meliando, a remote village in Gueckedou District of Guinea, died and later identified as the first case of Ebola in West Africa, further triggering into the unprecedented Ebola ;...


Ebola - What Next and Where?

West Africa's Ebola epidemic has cruelly exposed the weaknesses of health systems in the countries where it struck. It was understandable that they were not prepared for Ebola, which has never been reported in the region before, but the director of the World Health Organization (WHO), Margaret Chan, says what they lacked was a robust public health infrastructure to deal with the unexpected.


Unicef Ebola Response - 400+ Survivors Receive Psycho-Social Support and Kits to Restart Their Lives

More than 400 Ebola survivors have taken part in four separate survivor conferences over the past few days in the districts of Kailahun, Kenema and Bo, where they learned more about protecting their communities, were informed as to how their bodies defeated the disease, and received psycho-social support.


Ecowas Charged On Enhanced Post - Ebola Support to Affected Nations

Ecowas Charged On Enhanced Post - Ebola Support to Affected Nations REGIONAL stakeholders have charged the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to commence work on rebuilding communities had hit by the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). They also want the regional body to assist such countries to ;...   


EU aid shipment arrives in Ebola-hit West Africa

An EU aid shipment including vehicles and medical equipment for the three west African nations hardest hit by the Ebola epidemic has arrived in Guinea, officials said Sunday.The Dutch ...


VIDEO: How the world responded to Ebola

bbc--The BBC's Global Health Correspondent Tulip Mazumdar looks back at how the world responded to the crisis in West Africa.


Ebola’s lessons, painfully learned at great cost in dollars and human lives

washington post--A year after it began, the Ebola epidemic in West Africa continues to be unpredictable, forcing governments and aid groups to improvise strategies as they chase a virus that is unencumbered by borders or bureaucracy.


The Most Dedicated Ebola Adversaries Are Men And Women On A Mission

npr--Missionaries have been on the front lines in the fight against Ebola, and their faith and long ties to West Africa have made them key players in the response to the outbreak there.



Russian scientists develop Ebola vaccine

A group of Russian scientists has developed a vaccine against the deadly Ebola virus and its trials are due to be completed in February, officials said Monday. The scientists belong to St. Petersburg's Research Institute of Influenza. "The vaccine against Ebola created by a group of young scientists is undergoing tests for genetic stability," the official said, adding that the vaccine will be called "candidate" until its industrial production begins.

One More Drug For Ebola Treatment Pipeline?

NBC--erman doctors think they have another possible drug to add to the Ebola treatment pipeline. It's one already shown to be safe and in trials to treat heart attack victims.

The drug, called FX06, is made using a natural human blood-clotting protein called fibrin. The hope is it can help reduce the leaking of blood vessels that can seriously threaten people with advanced Ebola infections. The team at Frankfurt University Hospital say it may have helped save a Ugandan doctor they treated, although they note it failed to save a second patient.


U.S. Supports Efforts to Speed Ebola Vaccine Delivery

us embassy.gov--The U.S. government announces new projects to accelerate the development, evaluation and manufacturing of promising Ebola vaccines.


FDA Approves Roche’s Ebola Test

time--A fast-acting Ebola test gets a green light for emergency use


Viral Investing: Ebola Drug Makers' Varied Strategies

nasdaq--Ebola Drug Makers' Varied Strategies That held true in the late summer and early fall, when the outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa reached crisis proportions in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The first case in the U.S. was discovered in September, in a Liberian native returned to Texas after ;...


BioCryst Rises on Positive Ebola Candidate Results

BioCryst Rises on Positive Ebola Candidate Results Shares of BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (BCRX - Snapshot Report) rallied 6.9% after the announcement of results from a study on its Ebola virus candidate, BCX4430. The proof-of-concept study evaluating BCX4430 was aimed at determining the candidate's ;...


Clinical trial for potential Ebola treatment started in MSF clinic in Guinea

msf.org--Clinical trial for potential Ebola treatment started in MSF clinic in Guinea A clinical trial for a possible treatment for Ebola started in Guinea on the 17th of December. The trial is led by the French medical research institute INSERM and is taking place at MSF's Ebola Treatment Centre in Gu??ck??dou, in the east of the country.

The Ebola Treatment You Haven't Heard Of

Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology-derived products have attracted the greatest public and professional interest in treating victims of Ebola virus disease. But a privately-held, small company with a treatment for shock and multi-organ failure may be the dark horse victor in the race to stop the West African outbreak. LB1148 from San Diego-based Leading BioSciences is starting Phase 2 clinical trials that build on 12 years of NIH-funded research to address an underappreciated, common denominator in shock and organ failure, including shock caused by Ebola infection. At the beginning of the month, we hit the one-year anniversary of first death in the current West African Ebola outbreak – that of a two-year-old boy in Guinea. Since the outbreak began to gain international attention in March, we have seen an extensive mobilization of drug development efforts to combat the disease that have been in the works for the last decade.



UNDP makes emergency payments to Ebola health workers in Guinea

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has made additional incentive payments to 758 health personnel working in four Ebola treatment units in Guinea, ensuring their life-saving work can continue without any interruption. UNDP was requested by Guinea?s National Coordination Unit against Ebola to complete existing salaries with incentive pay for the French Red Cross, Doctors without Borders and Alima, three Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) operating Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs) in Donka, Macenta, Kissidougou and Nzérékoré. ?Staff are motivated. UNDP has already taken important measures and have created a good strategy.


EU Ebola aid arrives in Guinea

EU Ebola aid arrives in Guinea EU Ebola aid shipment for Ebola hit countries which includes vehicles and medical equipment, have arrived in Guinea. A statement from the EU delegation said the Dutch navy's largest ship, the Karel Doorman, has arrived in Guinea and is due to also stop in ;...   


Ebola disrupts Guinea's treatment of malaria, which kills more

Ebola disrupts Guinea's treatment of malaria, which kills more GUECKEDOU, Guinea ??? West Africa's fight to contain Ebola has hampered the campaign against malaria, a preventable and treatable disease that is claiming many thousands more lives than the dreaded virus. In Gueckedou, near the village where Ebola ;...   


UNICEF Guinea: Ebola Situation Report, 24 December 2014

Since last week, 176 new cases (169 confirmed) have been reported, bringing the total cases in Guinea to 2,606 (2,309 confirmed; 267 probable and 30 suspected cases). UNICEF has deployed a Rapid Response team to Kissidougou, where 38 Ebola cases and 616 contacts have been registered since last week; UNICEF has set up 111 Community Watch Committees in Kissidougou and prepositioned 21,000 hygiene kits for distribution; through community and youth strong involvement UNICEF has built a new CCC. UNICEF and the National Red Cross signed a Project Cooperation Agreement to provide referral teams for the CCCs.


Guinea, one year on: Red Cross calls on international community to expand Ebola response efforts

28 December 2014 marks one year since a two year old boy in Méliando, a remote village in Gueckedou, Forest Guinea, died after falling ill with a mysterious illness. The World Health Organization later identified it as the first case of Ebola in West Africa. In the year that has followed, despite valiant efforts, neither the country nor aid organizations have been able to bring the epidemic under control, resulting in more districts reporting new cases, resistance from the population and the highest fatality rate of the three main affected countries, at over 60 per cent.    


49 New Ebola Cases in Cape Mount, Travelers Warned

allafrica--Alarm' - 49 New Ebola Cases in Cape Mount, Travelers Warned "The Incident Management System the overarching body for Ebola Virus Disease Response is concerned about the alarming increase of Ebola Virus Disease cases in Grand Cape Mount County. In the past 25 days, December 1-25, 2014, forty-nine cases ;...

Ebola outbreak: Liberia opens new cemetery - BBC News

bbc--Liberia opens new cemetery Liberia has opened a new national cemetery to provide safe burial sites for victims of the Ebola outbreak. A Liberian official said the 50-acre site in Monrovia, half of which is ready to use, will enable "dignified" burials instead of cremations. Meanwhile, the ;...


Pushing Ebola to the Brink of Gone in Liberia

cfr--President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is fighting a grueling battle against the Ebola epidemic in Liberia. But, as Laurie Garrett learns in an interview with the president, she's not winning plaudits at home.   


Known locations of Ebola Response Units and Mobile Coverage (as of 28 October 2014)

Liberia This map shows the location of known Ebola Treatment Units (ETUs), Community Care Centres (CCCs), Laboratories (LABs), and Triage Centres (TRIs). Facilities that have no known type are Unknowns (UNKs). ETUs, CCCs, LABs, and TRIs are compiled from various data sources as of 15 Oct 2014. Mobile coverage that has been submitted up to and including Dec 2013. Operators are asked to submit strong (>= -92dBm) and variable (>= 100dBm and < -92dBm) signal strengths as part of their submissions. The data here includes both types but does not make a distinction between the two.


FACE Africa launches Ebola Taskforce in Rivercess County

FACE Africa launches Ebola Taskforce in Rivercess County Face Africa on Monday, December 22 launched a taskforce on Ebola response for a chiefdom and market in River Cess County. The Yarpah Town Chiefdom and Market Ebola Taskforce program launch was attended by several individuals including citizens ;...


Hunting the virus

Liberia With the decline of number of Ebola cases in Liberia the fight has changed from treating big masses to hunting down the virus in every village it emerges. It takes only one case to set a whole village on Ebola fire. By Sohpie Reeves and Helene Sandbu Ryeng The sun set three hours ago. The two headlights of the rusty and yellow worn-out taxi look like two light balls playing in dark as the car constantly turns left and right to avoid the haphazard potholes in the road. The car from Monrovia is crossing through Margibi on its way to Gibi with lethal cargo. Her name is Patricia*. One week earlier. Another secret event is taking place. Patricia?s fiancé is secretly buried after he passed away. While he was sick Patricia was caring for him. Shortly after the secret burial she starts to feel sick.    


Liberia Secures New Site to Bury Ebola Virus Victims

all africa--The Government of Liberia has secured 50 acres of land as the new burial site for all Ebola related deaths. Twenty-five acres of the land have been landscaped and is ready for use.

Ebola in Liberia: Analyzing Domestic And International Responses

Ebola in Liberia: Analyzing Domestic And International Responses There is often tension arising when trying to establish the order of precedence for domestic and international actions. It may range from international policies to domestic and international law alike. It has become common that responding to peace and security ;...


Liberia Ebola Daily Sitrep no. 223 for 24th December 2014


Liberia: Liberia Ebola Daily Sitrep no. 222 for 23rd December 2014


Liberia: Liberia Ebola Daily Sitrep no. 221 for 22nd December 2014

Liberia Ebola Situation Report 24 December 2014

According to the latest Ministry of Health Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) report, dated 20 December, the cumulative total of suspected, probable and confirmed cases of EVD in Liberia rose to 7,862. According to the same source, there were 37 confirmed new Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) cases between 10 and 18 December, representing an average rate of five new cases per day. · According to recent data from the health ministry, there have been at least 1,042 confirmed cases of children with EVD. The number of children identified by name and location as orphaned by EVD is 4,115. All of the children identified are currently receiving follow-up and psychosocial support.    


U.S. Soldiers open Ebola treatment unit in Buchanan, Liberia

U.S. Soldiers open Ebola treatment unit in Buchanan, Liberia United States Africa Command Paynesville, Liberia Singing, clapping and dancing greeted Soldiers of the 36th Engineer Brigade, out of Fort Hood, Texas, as they walked up to a tent to attend the grand opening ceremony of the Ebola treatment unit near ;...


UNDP and partners put on huge christmas party for Liberian ebola orphans [Video]

Liberia Christmas came early to Westpoint, Liberia today where hundreds of children were thrown a big party courtesy of staff from UNDP, UN agencies and NGOs in Liberia and around the world. Local NGO Department of Children and Families (DCF) organised fourteen parties around Montserrado, the area that was hardest hit by ebola, targeting children who have lost one or both parents to ebola. Victor Faiyah, the founder of DCF, developed the idea after seeing how children were suffering in Westpoint and other communities. The whole community is suffering people have gone months without an income and they're trying to cope with the loss of their loved ones, he said.    

Liberia Reports Surge in New Ebola Cases

Wall Street Journal--Authorities in Liberia say there have been dozens of new Ebola cases erupting along the border with Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone   

Sierra Leone Trains New Ebola Burial Team

A spokesman for Sierra Leone’s government says a newly trained burial team will soon be deployed to those places most affected by the Ebola outbreak. Abdulai Bayraytay said, “They are ready to go into the field. In fact, …we have given the current burial team a day off per week [with pay] so [they will] not be exhausted…”

An early start as Makeni Ebola Treatment Centre opens in Sierra Leone

A team briefing for all International Medical Corps trained staff members

It was an early start on Friday morning as the first shift arrived to start work at Sierra Leone’s newest Ebola Treatment Centre (ETC). In less than two hours the site would go live, ready to receive its first patient. Some of the team had been here for weeks preparing; others are weary, just arrived from their long journeys from across the globe to Makeni, Sierra Leone’s fourth largest city. Even the routine of changing from their everyday clothes into hospital scrubs and rubber boots felt different today. Everything they have practiced would soon be put to the test for real.

How Kailahun district kicked Ebola out

World Health Organization Country: Sierra Leone Kailahun district in eastern Sierra Leone was one of the country?s first hotspots in the Ebola outbreak, at its peak reporting more than 80 new cases per week in late June 2014. With the assistance of WHO and partners, combined with the close involvement of community leaders, the district has managed to beat the disease and has reported no new cases for several weeks. There is no room for complacency however. Community teams and health workers are on high alert and are ready to react quickly to any possible new infection. Kailahun district borders the area of Guinea where the first cases of Ebola were confirmed at the end of March 2014.


Sierra Leone Intensifies Ebola Fight

voa news--It’s been a year since a small boy died of Ebola in a remote part of southeastern Guinea. Scientists say he was the first known case of this ongoing regional epidemic. Guinea has since reported at least 2597 cases but it?s the country?s neighbors, Sierra Leone and Liberia, that have been the hardest hit. Sierra Leone started a fresh push against the virus in mid-December. Sierra Leone is concentrating its efforts in the north and west of the country. The government prohibited public gatherings at Christmas. The northern district of Port Loko marked the holiday by declaring a lockdown as health workers went door to door. Health ministry spokesman Sidie Y Tunis said that?s ongoing.


Kono District: Newest Ebola hotspot in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone Kono district, in northeastern Sierra Leone has recently experienced a spike of Ebola cases, with close to 90 bodies being found over recent weeks. As part of its scale-up of activities, the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, with the support of IFRC and its Movement partners, had already begun construction of an Ebola treatment centre in Kono. Since the dramatic rise in cases, Red Cross teams have been deployed from neighbouring Kenema and Kailahun districts to conduct assessments, disinfect the hospital and isolate patients, conduct trainings in infection prevention and control, and assist in safe and dignified burials. Below, an interview with Erik Lundblad from the Norwegian Red Cross Society, who is deputy team leader at the Red Cross Ebola treatment centre in Kono. What is the situation presently like in Kono?


Ebola Hotspots December 01, 2014

This map shows the location of Ebola Treatment Units in relation to probable and confirmed Ebola cases in the last three weeks prior to November 23, 2014.   


China's Role in the Ebola Crisis

The international community, including China, is playing a crucial role in combating the Ebola epidemic. Throughout four consecutive phases in April, August, September and October 2014, China contributed a total of US$123 million, and now plays a major role in international efforts to fight Ebola. On top of financial contributions, China also provides in-kind contribution comprising of ambulances, motorcycles, medical equipment as well as prevention care packages and food aid. In addition, China has deployed experts and plans to train 10,000 healthcare workers and community prevention and control personnel to prevent further spreading of the disease.


Low-key Christmas in Ebola-ravaged Sierra Leone

Imagine a Christmas without the singing of carols, but the hammering strains of sirens accompanying Ebola victims to either a treatment center or the cemetery. That is Christmas in the western area of Sierra Leone, including ;...


Ebola case confimed in China's treatment center in Liberia

sierra leone times--Ebola case confimed in China's treatment center in Liberia An Ebola treatment center set up by China in Liberia has confirmed the first case of Ebola since its opening on December 5th. The patient is a young woman who came to the center on Monday with high fever, diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. She also had ;...




UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) External Situation Report 26 December 2014

Sierra Leone has declared a lockdown in the north of the country to look for suspected cases of Ebola Virus Disease (EVD). Under the coordination of UNMEER, THW has purchased 240 additional hospital beds for use in Sierra Leone. Key Political and Economic Developments 1. Sierra Leone has declared a lockdown of at least three days in the north of the country to try to contain an EVD flare-up there. Response workers will go door to door to look for suspected cases of EVD. Shops, markets and travel services will be shut down.        


Assessing the Socio-Economic Impacts of Ebola Virus Disease in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone: The Road to Recovery

This synthesis report is based on three national studies on the evolution of the Ebola epidemic and its impact on Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. It builds on a series of Policy Notes issued by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) since the beginning of the Ebola outbreak, and will inform another study by the United Nations Development Group for West and Central Africa on the socio-economic impact of Ebola in West Africa as a whole. Using computable general equilibrium (CGE) models, this report provides a more comprehensive assessment of the socio-economic impact of the epidemic and offers a more solid base to plan for recovery and medium term development efforts.        


Ebola Virus Disease Emergency Appeals (Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal and Africa Coordination): Combined Ebola Operations Update n°12

Five emergency appeals were launched to combat Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreaks in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Senegal. The appeals employ a 5 pillar approach spelled out in an Ebola strategic framework, comprising: (1) Beneficiary Communication and Social Mobilization; (2) Contact Tracing and Surveillance; (3) Psychosocial Support; (4) Case Management; and (5) Safe and Dignified Burials (SDB) and Disinfection. An additional coordination appeal was launched to accommodate multi-country support needs.    


Sierra Leone: HIV and Ebola update

The outbreak of Ebola virus disease (EVD) in West Africa has primarily affected Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Mali, Nigeria, Senegal, Spain and United States of America have also reported cases. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a total of 13 703 confirmed, probable and suspected cases of EVD were reported up to 27 October and there have been 4920 confirmed deaths. At least one in 20 of the people who died were reported to have been health workers. This EVD outbreak is the first to affect several countries in a region and is the largest since the virus was discovered almost 40 years ago. The outbreak is a public health crisis and a complex emergency.    


Yale researchers reveal Ebola virus spreads in social clusters

Yale--An analysis of the ongoing Ebola outbreak reveals that transmission of the virus occurs in social clusters, a finding that has ramifications for case reporting and the public health.

Prior studies of Ebola transmission were based on models that assumed the spread of infection occurred between random pairs of individuals. However, because transmission of the virus happens most often in hospitals, households, and funeral settings, Yale researchers, and an international team of co-authors, investigated the possibility of clustered transmission, or spread between individuals in small social groups.


In Sierra Leone, loving in the time of Ebola

It has been four months since Messia Dukuray has had any physical contact with her husband. They don't sleep in the same bed, hug or even share food. Her husband is a surgeon at a hospital in Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown ;...


'Safe' burials urged as funerals fuel outbreak in West Africa

'Safe' burials urged as funerals fuel outbreak in West Africa The radio announcement is chilling and blunt: "If I die, I want the deaths to stop with me." Dr. Desmond Williams continues: "I want to give my family the permission to request a safe and dignified, medical burial for me." The announcement is part of a campaign ;...

UNICEF Ebola response: 400+ survivors receive psycho-social support and kits to restart their lives

More than 400 Ebola survivors have taken part in four separate survivor conferences over the past few days in the districts of Kailahun, Kenema and Bo, where they learned more about protecting their communities, were informed as to how their bodies defeated the disease, and received psycho-social support. The survivors were also given survivor kits to restart their lives. On admittance as Ebola patients, their household items are often destroyed as part of the disinfection process. The kits include a mattress, kitchen equipment, buckets and clothing, worth Le700,000 plus an additional Le250,000 resettlement allowance. ?We are committed to helping the government provide support to Ebola survivors,? said Roeland Monasch, UNICEF Representative in Sierra Leone.


Ebola Orphans Challenge West African Culture

The image has haunted Andrew Brooks for months, but UNICEF?s regional child protection specialist for West Africa described it as if it were yesterday. An ambulance pulls up to an Ebola treatment unit, and attendants rush a dying woman into an Ebola treatment center. Amid the frenzy, a small, bewildered boy comes into focus. "Before you even get to find out where the child comes from, the mother dies. The child is left all alone. Suddenly, you have a little boy on your hands," Brooks recalled last week from his base in Dakar, Senegal. He was struck by the situation?s gravity: Decisions made that day could affect the child for the rest of his life. This particular child happened to be in Monrovia, Liberia, but the scene has played out repeatedly over the past year elsewhere in that country and in Guinea and Sierra Leone.


Surviving Ebola: 'It was the best Christmas present ever?: the gift of life'

the guardian--Martin Deahl, a British doctor working in Sierra Leone, reflects on the highs and lows of the most surreal and extraordinary? Christmas of his life? Part one: Confronting Ebola for the first time generates strong emotions? Part two: We relieve pain and distress, but in all honesty we rarely save? Part three: Katiada showed extraordinary courage in battling Ebola Dr Martin Deahl is a consultant psychiatrist from Shropshire. He works with the international aid agency Goal at their Ebola treatment centre in Port Loko, Sierra Leone. This is his fourth report for the Guardian.I?m relaxing following a night shift, reflecting on one of the most surreal 24 hours and certainly most extraordinary Christmases of my life.    


Cured of Ebola, Sierra Leone Nurse Returns to Care for Others

Cured of Ebola, Sierra Leone Nurse Returns to Care for Others WHO director-general Dr. Margaret Chan shakes hands with Rebecca Johnson, a nurse and Ebola survivor in Sierra Leone. Photo courtesy of WHO. For many people, Dec. 22, 2014 was the beginning of the holiday season. But for Rebecca Johnson, a Sierra ;...


Diary of British Ebola doctor Nathalie MacDemott who went back to Liberia

Diary of British Ebola doctor Nathalie MacDemott who went back to Liberia for ... British Ebola doctor Nathalie MacDermott made headlines when she returned to Liberia despite previously fearing she had contracted the disease. Now the 32-year-old, who quarantined herself in her Cardiff flat for three weeks, has sent back a diary which ;...


Christmas in an Ebola ward

Christmas in an Ebola ward Bong County, LIBERIA ??? It was Christmas Eve in Bong, and as the hot, red sun dipped behind our blue-tarped Ebola Treatment Unit (ETU), staff began suiting up in protective gear. By. Maia Baldauf. Source: Quartz. 28 Dec 2014 - 6:36 PM UPDATED 4 MINS ;...


Diary of a Scottish nurse on Ebola's front line

Diary of a Scottish nurse on Ebola's front line Pauline Cafferkey in life-saving protective clothing that makes her job so hard. Picture: Getty. by PAULINE CAFFERKEY AND KEVAN CHRISTIE. Published on the 28 December 2014 00:00. Published 28/12/2014 00:00 ;...




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Jeff O. Zukpo, Incinerator Supervisor, Ministry of Defense Ebola Treatment Unit, Ministry of Health Liberia

“I don’t feel afraid doing this job, because we have taken preventive measures. The operator wears protective clothes for the extreme heat created in the incinerators, and only operates in the 'green zone' of the waste management area. The contaminated medical waste is burned at 900 degrees Celsius, and we burn waste from early morning until the evening.

The good thing with the incinerator is that it creates less smoke, and all waste is burned to ash”


The Introduction of the Mobile Application "CommCare" in Ebola Contact Tracing and Information Management Related to Patients

CommCare? technology has been chosen to support the implementation of the Government Response Plan against the Ebola Virus Disease in order to obtain timely and reliable information as well as facilitate contact tracing. This innovative approach is the result of a combined effort between the Earth Institute at Columbia University (USA), UNFPA and the Monitoring Cell of the National Coordination against the Ebola virus. The ?CommCare? integration in contact tracing by community workers on the ground has been made possible through sustained advocacy by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) towards the Guinean Government, other UN agencies and the actors involved in the fight against Ebola in Guinea. Since November 2014, in collaboration with the Columbia University, UNFPA office in Guinea has been organising training sessions for community workers and supervisors throughout the national territory.    


Infectious disease: Mobilizing Ebola survivors to curb the epidemic.

JM Epstein, LM Sauer, J Chelen, E Hatna, J Parker… - Nature, 2014

Author information: (1)Center for Advanced Modeling, and director for systems science of the

Johns Hopkins Systems Institute, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. JME

is also external professor at the Santa Fe Institute, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. (2) ...

[PDF] Ebola: My Head is Full of Stories

S McLellan - The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and …, 2014

Abstract My head is full of stories. They play out behind my eyes like a movie reel. I suppose

that is true of everyone, every day, but some stories warrant telling more than others.

Perhaps especially the stories of those who did not live to tell their own tales.

[PDF] The 2014 Ebola Outbreak and Mental Health: Current Status and Recommended Response

JM Shultz, F Baingana, Y Neria - JAMA, 2014

The World Health Organization (WHO) Ebola Response Roadmap declared that the affected

West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone are “struggling to control the

escalating outbreak” because of limited health system capacity and “rampant fear.” 1 The ...

[PDF] Safety and immunogenicity of Ebola virus and Marburg virus glycoprotein DNA vaccines assessed separately and concomitantly in healthy Ugandan adults: a phase …

H Kibuuka, NM Berkowitz, M Millard, ME Enama… - The Lancet, 2014

Background Ebola virus and Marburg virus cause serious disease outbreaks with high case

fatality rates. We aimed to assess the safety and immunogenicity of two investigational DNA

vaccines, one (EBO vaccine) encoding Ebola virus Zaire and Sudan glycoproteins and ...

[HTML] The International Monetary Fund and the Ebola outbreak

A Kentikelenis, L King, M McKee, D Stuckler - The Lancet Global Health, 2014

ScienceDirect is phasing out support for older versions of Internet Explorer on Jan 12, 2016.

For the best product experience, we recommend you upgrade to a newer version of IE or

use a different browser: Firefox or Chrome. For additional information please see the ...

[PDF] My Experience as an Ebola Patient

AK Igonoh - The American Journal of Tropical Medicine and …, 2014

Abstract I was one of the doctors in the medical team that treated the Liberian index case of

Ebola virus disease (EVD) after he flew to Lagos from Liberia on the 20th of July 2014. I am

not exactly sure when I came into contact with the virus. It may have been on the night ( ...

[HTML] Ebola Perspectives From Opposite Sides of the Globe

R Voelker - JAMA, 2014

DR GBAKIMA: Ebola itself is very new to Sierra Leone and the region. There is a paucity of

data on the current outbreak and a lack of knowledge of how it is spread. We know that

funerals of victims of the virus have spread the disease, but we have very limited or no ...

MSF: how a humanitarian charity found itself leading the world's response to Ebola

S Arie - BMJ, 2014

Médecins Sans Frontières was there at the start of the current Ebola outbreak in west Africa

and has played a pivotal role in the global response—building health centres, training care

staff, and even advising the United Nations, writes Sophie Arie. The charity has decades ...

Ebola among us

KT Starr - Nursing2015, 2015

Maine nurse and her quarantine. My opinion is simply that the state has the power to protect

the populace. The government doesn't always act correctly or expeditiously and fear is never

a good motive for action in isolation. But if a 21-day limited quarantine is enacted to ...

Role for Psychiatrists Cited in Battle Against Ebola

W Vabren - 2014

“Fever is the predominate symptom seen with a person infected with Ebola,” said George

Rutherford, MD, head of the Division of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the University of

California, San Francisco. Symptoms associated with Ebola appear in various phases ...

Ebola fight: Cuba shows how it is done

R Savoulian - 2014

Abstract:" Ebola emerged nearly four decades ago. Why are clinicians still empty-handed,

with no vaccines and no cure? Because Ebola has historically been confined to poor African

nations. The research and development incentive is virtually non-existent. A profit-driven ...

[PDF] Ebola viral disease: What should be done to combat the epidemic in 2014?


Abstract: Ebola virus disease (EVD) was defined first in 1976. Since then, more than 24

epidemics have been reported from Africa, predominantly with the Zaire species. On 21

March 2014, the current West Africa outbreak was reported by the World Health ...

[HTML] Practice Advisory: Care of Obstetric Patients During an Ebola Virus Outbreak

A Districts, J Fellows, S Plan

Background Case Definition: EVD is a severe viral hemorrhagic fever caused by one of five

different species of Ebola virus. It is a zoonotic infection for which the natural reservoir is

thought to be fruit bats. Once disease is established in humans, Ebola virus can be ...

[HTML] Supporting Those Who Go to Fight Ebola

M Mello, M Merritt, S Halpern

Michelle Mello, Maria Merritt, and Scott Halpern discuss healthcare institutions'

responsibilities to support their employees' volunteer efforts in Ebola-affected regions. This

is a pre-publication version of a manuscript that has been accepted by PLOS Medicine as ...

[PDF] Selenium needed for Ebola treatment?

GH Lyons

I am a micronutrient researcher who has specialised in selenium (Se) since 2001. I believe

Se should be a key component of treatment for Ebola patients. The correct use of Se in

treatment for Ebola as recommended below is likely to reduce significantly the mortality ...

Ebola Outbreaks in 2014

I Labouba, EM Leroy - Journal of Clinical Virology

During the 20 first years after the Ebola virus (EBOV) was discovered in 1976 only three

epidemics were recorded. However, the two last decades witnessed 20 additional outbreaks

with comparable incidence and mortality rates for most of them, suggesting a dramatic …






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