Ebola News Digest - December 31

December 31, 2014

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               WHO Ebola Data


Countries with Widespread and Intense Transmission of Ebola



Total Cases

**New cases reported in past 21 days

Total Deaths

**New deaths reported in past 21 days


WHO Data 12/31/14





Sierra Leone

WHO Data 12/31/14






WHO Data 12/31/14











*These numbers are subject to change due to on-going reclassification. **Estimate based on numbers reported 21 days prior.

Countries with Localized Transmission of Ebola



Total Cases

New cases in the past 21 days

Total Deaths

New deaths


WHO Roadmap 12/24/14






WHO Roadmap 12/24/14






WHO Roadmap 12/24/14






WHO Roadmap 12/24/14






WHO Data 12/30/14






WHO Roadmap 12/24/14











2014, the year of Ebola. Graphic: Time Magazine


Ebola response roadmap - Situation report Dec 31, 2014

A total of 20 206 confirmed, probable, and suspected cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) have been reported in four affected countries (Guinea, Liberia, Mali and Sierra Leone) and four previously affected countries (Nigeria, Senegal, Spain and the United States of America) in the seven days to 28 December (week 52). There have been 7905 reported deaths (case definitions are provided in Annex 1). On 29 December, the United Kingdom reported its first confirmed EVD case. Reported case incidence has fluctuated between 70 and 160 confirmed cases in Guinea over the past 15 weeks. In Liberia, case incidence has mostly declined in the past six weeks. In Sierra Leone, there are signs that the increase in incidence has slowed, although the country’s west is now experiencing the most intense transmission of all the affected countries. The reported case fatality rate in the three intense-transmission countries among all cases for whom a definitive outcome is known is 71%.

Situation Summary Data Published on 30 December 2014

Worldwide Data published on 30 December

Ebola in Iraq? Unconfirmed reports hitting the internet

A number of unconfirmed reports have hit the internet today concerning Ebola virus case(s) in Mosul, Iraq. According to a report in Shafaq News today, A medical source in Mosul hospital revealed diagnosing the infection with Ebola virus of elements belonging to ISIS.

Later in the report it states, The source, who asked not to be identified told “Shafaq News”, that “the cases were recorded on foreign fighters of African descent. The medical source warned from the spread of the disease within the city of Mosul and its transmission to other Iraqi cities. There are other reports floating online concerning this topic, and I must stress, none of the reports have been confirmed. See HERE, HERE and HERE.

Most intense Ebola transmission in West Africa reported in western Sierra Leone – UN

The number of Ebola cases is fluctuating in Guinea, decreasing in Liberia and showing signs the increase has slowed in Sierra Leone, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) reported today as the UN development agency said it is helping the Liberian Government build border posts to cut the cross-border spread of infection in West Africa.

Experiencing an Ebola Christmas

Today the people of Sierra Leone are experiencing a Christmas like no other. There are no parties and music on the beach, no carnivals, no large gatherings, and travel is restricted. Family members from overseas and different parts of the country are absent. In contrast to the normal exuberant outdoor celebrations the festivities are subdued to match the general mood of the country, still living under the shadow of Ebola.

Meeting Announcement and Call for Participation

Modeling the Spread and Control of Ebola in W. Africa

Historic Academy of Medicine @ Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA, USA, Jan 22-23, 2015

This meeting will highlight concepts, challenges, and results arising from the use of models to predict the spread and facilitate the control of Ebola in W. Africa. For more information click link to site or email: ebola-modeling-workshop@gatech.edu


Ebola spreads in Sierra Leone as global cases top 20,000

(Reuters) - The Ebola virus is still spreading in West Africa, especially in Sierra Leone, and the number of known cases globally has now exceeded 20,000, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday.


Perceptions of the Risk for Ebola and Health Facility Use Among Health Workers and Pregnant and Lactating Women ? Kenema District, Sierra Leone, September 2014

CDC--During May–July 2014, one third of confirmed Ebola cases in Sierra Leone originated in Kenema District (population 653,000), located in the Eastern Province (3). During this period, routine maternal and newborn health service use was reported by the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) to have declined across the district (Sierra Leone MOHS, unpublished data, 2014). For example, the number of first antenatal care visits in the district decreased by 29%, from 2,086 in May to 1,488 in July, and the number of postnatal care visits within 48 hours after delivery decreased by 21%, from 1,923 in May to 1,512 in July (Sierra Leone MOHS, unpublished data, 2014). To understand factors that might have contributed to these declines and to explore approaches to increase use of maternal and newborn health services during the Ebola epidemic, MOHS collaborated with the International Rescue Committee, the Kenema District Health Management Team, and CDC to assess attitudes and perceptions regarding the risk for Ebola and health facility use among health workers and pregnant and lactating women.


Ebola patient: I want new treatment

CNN--A Scottish woman diagnosed with Ebola is now asking for experimental treatment of the virus.


A Son Is Lost Without His Mother. So Is A Country

NPR--Dr. Ameyo Adadevoh is hailed as a hero in Nigeria. She and her team refused to release an Ebola patient who was demanding to leave the hospital. But her dedication came at a cost.



Fallen Heroes: A Tribute to The Health Workers Who Died Of Ebola

NPR--The virus has taken a tragic toll in their ranks. At hospitals and clinics, their photos are displayed along with messages from their friends and family: "May you rest in perfect peace."


Top UK doctor: Ebola screening should be improved

(AP) Britain's Ebola screening procedures should be improved, the country's chief medical officer said Wednesday, after a nurse was cleared to fly hours before she was diagnosed with the disease.


MCC Boss Fears New Ebola Outbreak

MCC Boss Fears New Ebola Outbreak Monrovia City Mayor Clara Doe-Mvogo has expressed fears of new Ebola outbreak in Monrovia considering the behavior of the people. She observed that preventive measures practiced during the height of the Ebola outbreak have been abandoned.



VIDEO: Experimental drug for UK Ebola nurse

BBC--A British nurse infected with Ebola is receiving an unnamed experimental drug as part of her treatment, a doctor confirms.


Experimental drug for Ebola patient Pauline Cafferkey - BBC News

BBC--Experimental drug for Ebola patient Pauline Cafferkey Ebola patient Pauline Cafferkey is receiving an experimental anti-viral drug and blood from survivors of the disease, doctors in London have said. Specialists at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, where the nurse is being treated, did not name the drug.




Govt Secures New Site to Bury Ebola Victims, Others

Govt Secures New Site to Bury Ebola Victims, Others Monrovia ??? The Government of Liberia (GoL) has secured 50 acres of land as the new burial site for all Ebola related deaths. Twenty-five acres of the land have been landscaped and is ready for use. According to an Executive Mansion release, the 25 acres ;...


Ebola Survivor Rick Sacra: Why I?m Going Back to Liberia in the New Year

time--I’ve spent nearly two decades providing medical care in the country, and the ongoing epidemic only makes continuing my work more compelling




Liberian Health Clinics Reopen Slowly with Renewed Vigilance

The World Health Organization says the number of new confirmed Ebola cases in Liberia is ?declining.? Liberians were once at the epicenter of this regional epidemic but several parts of the country have now gone weeks without reporting any new cases. Some medical staff are returning to work amid renewed vigilance. It?s an important sign of progress. The Dolo Town Health Center, just outside the Liberian capital, is open. Mothers bring their children for vaccinations against polio and measles. People come in for tuberculosis treatment and HIV counseling. A midwife said she delivered ten babies since they reopened a month ago. The sheer normalcy of it all has the feel of the remarkable. Liberia?s health system collapsed in August as Ebola bore down on Monrovia. Dolo Town was one of two suburbs put under an abrupt quarantine. The quarantine was lifted two weeks later, but the community continued to battle Ebola. Locals say more than four dozen people are believed to have died here of the virus.


Liberia suspends Ebola curfew to allow New Year's Eve worship

reuters--Liberia suspends Ebola curfew to allow New Year's Eve worship MONROVIA ( ) - Liberia's government has suspended for one night a curfew imposed to curb the spread of Ebola, so that New Year's Eve church services can go ahead, Deputy Information Minister Isaac Jackson said.    


In the Wake of More Reported Cases - Ebola Center Opens in Cape Mount - The Inquirer

In the Wake of More Reported Cases - Ebola Center Opens in Cape Mount In a bid to curb the further spread of the Ebola Virus Disease(EVD) the Government of Liberia(GOL) has opened an Ebola Treatment Unit(ETU) in Sinje, Grand Cape Mount County. The ETU which appears to be one of the best in the country is expected to be ;...


Sierra Leone   

Sierra Leone: Global Ebola Response - Resource Tracking (Work in Progress) As of 12/31/2014

This page tracks Ebola resource flows (including monetized in-kind contributions where available) totaling US$1 million or more from multilateral and bilateral institutions and some foundations. Data is captured from government and other official websites and from communication with key officials within development partner agencies. Data is updated on a bi-weekly basis. Pledges are a non-binding announcement of an intended contribution or allocation by the donor.   


Ebola ? president Koroma throws in the towel and calls for divine intervention

It is the end of the year, and people – all over the world, are today reflecting on what they have done well, where they have gone wrong and how they can improve.    



Sierra Leone: UNHRD Operations Update - Response to the Ebola Outbreak, as of 24 December, 2014

UNHRD is procuring construction materials and equipment for remote logistics hubs, Ebola Treatment Units and Community Care Centres in all three affected countries, as well as facilitating direct deliveries from suppliers. ? UNHRD Accra is hosting the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER)?s headquarters. ? The German Government is generously providing one C160 plane permanently based in Accra for UNMEER and UNHRD usage. ? Following a generous donation from the World Bank, UNHRD procured and sent a total of 74 ambulances and mortuary vehicles to Sierra Leone. ? Members of UNHRD's Rapid Response Team have been deployed to the affected countries to provide technical assistance, training and help establish staging areas. ? As part of WFP's Special Operation for the Ebola response, Las Palmas and Accra are serving as regional staging areas


IMF pressed to cancel debts of Ebola-hit countries

The International Monetary Fund is under mounting pressure to cancel the debts of the three poor West African countries hit hardest by Ebola, as their economies stall under the fallout from the disease. The calls for a debt alleviation for Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone are coming not only from anti-poverty organizations.

Three key reasons why Ebola is also a food security crisis

“Ebola is not just a health crisis. Across West Africa a generation of young people risk[s] being lost to an economic catastrophe.” – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf The Ebola outbreak is wreaking havoc on the economies of Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. 1 million more people could be food insecure in West Africa from Ebola by March, according to the World Food Program (WFP). Though we see and hear almost daily that the Ebola outbreak is a global public health crisis, what we don’t often read about is the crippling impact of this crisis on the economic and food security of families in West Africa.

Some people would rather die of Ebola than stop hugging sick loved ones

Global Post--Medical workers in Monrovia have noticed an unsettling disconnect: while evidence points to the accelerating spread of the deadly Ebola virus in West Africa, the number of bodies being collected is dwindling. Every day the corpses of people who’ve died from the hemorrhagic disease are collected from treatment centers and hospitals around the Liberian capital. They are stored at the morgue, then taken to a crematorium for burning in the evening.






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Program on Forced Migration and Health at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health




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AFRICOM: Preventing and Understanding Ebola

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