Engineers Week 2018

April 17, 2018

Engineers week is an event held at George Mason university that showcase Mason’s next biggest innovations. The week consists of events starting on Tuesday, February 20th going on till Friday of that week. During this week the participants have time to look over the various projects Mason has been doing over the past few years. The events consist of various demos, speakers, and hands-on projects; through these events upcoming freshman and other participants can truly see what the engineering department, at Mason, has to offer.
STAR-TIDES conducts one of the demos in the Engineering building during the week. In this demo we assemble a hexayurt, which is a shelter designed to be built easily in developing countries. The concept behind it revolves around the idea of providing a shelter for areas so that they can grow within their community instead of migrating into other countries. If they are able to stay within their home country then we can help those countries develop even more and hopefully build their info structure to new heights. The shelter is easy to build and that is why we chose it as a resource to be used in case of man made disasters.
The hexayurt shelter is a free and simple technology that is open to anyone. The proprietary factor of it is that it can be mass produced with little materials. Those materials can then be easily packaged in ship towards area that are going through a economic crisis. Therefore, the shelter is a great tool which helps us to combat the man-made disasters in those areas. In conclusion the week was filled with many events and allowed for STAR-TIDES to showcase what they have been doing and developing. We are setting up countries to not only bounce back, but bounce forward.

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