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By Ian Roxborough

The message from three distinguished speakers from the U.S. Government was “the people are the solution.” The 8th annual Tides Tech Demo at Fort McNair hosted a panel featuring Ms. Heather King, Director for Preparedness Policy at the White House National Security Council, Jim Craft, CIO of the Joint IED Defeat Organization, and the Hon. Dennis McGinn, Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy, Installations and Environment. Each talked about ways in which the government could help stimulate technological innovation and preparedness for disasters.

Assistant Secretary McGinn pointed out that there are already people on the ground before the first responders arrive; the issue is whether they are part of the solution or simply victims. The panelists agreed that the best way for government to help the immediate responders – the people experiencing the disaster – was for everyone to take responsibility for building resilience at both the community and the national level. Preparing now for local hazards, building up the right kind of databases, beginning exercises and finding ways to link everyone together was the message. Obvious in principle, but not so easy to do in practice.

Heather King talked about what the government was doing right now to build the right kind of knowledge base and prepare for disasters. She talked about how the government sponsors White House Innovation Fellows; how it supports various ways of sharing innovations...