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Disasters triggered by natural hazards such as floods, droughts, storms or fires affect millions of people every year and result in billions of dollars in economic losses. The United Nations therefore works to improve its Member States’ capacities to reduce Disaster risks, to foster resilience and to respond effectively to such disasters by using space technologies. In its role as a gateway to spacebased information, UN-SPIDER compiled this newsletter to highlight some examples of how and why space technologies are used by the United Nations in the context of disasters. These case studies are examples of the extremely valuable work carried out throughout the entire UN system:

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This week - February 10-13 - TIDES is at the February JIFX joint interagency experiments at Camp Roberts, CA - an event that brings together hundreds of DoD, US Government, state and local government, private sector and NGO reps to explore cooperation and to perform field testing of technologies for disaster relief and emergency response. JIFX live blog:

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Action Systems/T2C3 T2C3 (Tactical Tempest Command & Control Center) is a platform for secure, mobile, and flexible field-based command & control communication that can be adapted for a wide variety of scenarios and environments.

Day & Night Solar Sun Commander® Series 8000, a solar PV mobile unit with on-grid/off-grid capabilities will be fully charged and ready to supply immediate and continuous power with various connection options available during power outages or disasters. Recipient of the 2013 NECA Showstopper award for their patent pending Sun Commander® Series 8000.

EcoLoo NDU ECOLOO Group is a leading green innovation organization from Sweden that innovates, designs, markets and produces sustainable toilet technology to solve water, sanitation and hygiene issues and achieve environmental sustainability. The Group is supported by partners across Africa and Asia and soon North America. ECOLOO is odorless, waterless, sewage less, requires no plumbing, no piping, no maintenance, no waste collection, and uses special formula to treat and transform the waste into value added organic fertilizer.

eFedSystems Corporation/ Tri-Star Services Program Management and Contract Administration on several Multiple Award Contract vehicles (like SeaPort-e, GSA...

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The European Journalism Centre (EJC) has released the Verification Handbook, the first ever guide for using user-generated content (UGC) during humanitarian emergencies.

Whether it is debunking images of ‘street sharks’ during Hurricane Sandy, or determining the veracity of videos that depict human rights abuses, reporting the right information is critical in shaping responses from the public and relief workers as a crisis unfolds.

By providing the exact methods needed to validate information, photos and videos shared by the crowd, the Verification Handbook forms an essential component of any organisation’s disaster preparedness plan.

The Verification Handbook draws on the experiences of practitioners from some of the world’s premier news and aid organisations, including BBC, Storyful, The Guardian, ABC, Buzzfeed UK, NHK, Poynter Institute, Digital First Media, the Tow Center, GigaOM, the Qatar Foundation’s Computing Research Institute (QCRI), the Internews Center for Innovation & Learning, OpenStreetMap, Amnesty International, Circa, Meedan, the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC), WITNESS, the Dart Centre Europe, and Shabab Souria.

An online version of Verification Handbook is available for free at, and a PDF, Kindle and Print version will be released on 7 February. An Arabic version of the Handbook will also be released soon thereafter.


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This list of academic journals was put together by York University in Canada. It has over 125 journals spanning disaster & emergency management, business continuity, risk and hazards. It is uploaded to GoogleDocs format and can be accessed and edited: