2017 STAR-TIDES Calendar of Events

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September 12-14, 2017: 11th Annual TIDES Technology Demonstration at George Mason University STAR-TIDES had its 11th annual tech demo at the Fairfax Campus of George Mason University (GMU) between Sept 12 (Tue) and Sept 14 (Thu).  This reflects a significant growth in STAR-TIDES, and deepening partnership with GMU and various initiatives in Collaborative Community Resilience.  GMU went out of its way to make this a special event and it went very well.  In 2018 we expect the the GMU demo will be held in early October to reduce conflict with maximum hurricane and wildfire seasons.

SEPTEMBER 18-20, 2017: TIDES Technology Demonstration at the Pentagon Center Court.  For questions or inquiries, contact STAR.TIDES.NET@GMAIL.COM