Civilian-Military Operations Guide (USAID, 2010)

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USAID Office of Military Affairs

This guide is designed to bring civilian and military units closer to planning and programming together, with the goal of producing better and more effective development results. The purpose of the guide is to help field program officers—particularly those in USAID—enhance understanding of, and cooperation with, military counterparts. The guide lays out how the different parts of the US military plan for operations in the field, discusses different collaboration models, and identifies potential fertile areas of overlap for further exploration and development. Military planners may find the guide useful in understanding how USAID does strategic planning, funding, program implementation, monitoring and evaluation in the field.

A similar guide published by USIP, which may be read in conjunction with the present document, is entitled Guide for Participants in Peace, Stability and Relief Operations2. The USIP document focuses more closely on the NGO-military nexus than does this one, which is aimed at USAID program personnel. It is focused on how to plan activities in the field and how to synchronize planning and implementation between disparate government and nongovernmental agencies, with the focus on USAID-DoD planning.