Designing an Inclusive Simulation Environment: Understanding the Landscape of Non-Military Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Actors

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World Cares Center

The purpose of this white paper is to act as the first step in facilitating a better understanding of NMRAs (Non-Military Responding Actors) for USG authorities. This document is also intended to give insight into how to improve strategies and techniques aimed at facilitating enhanced participation of NMRAs in HA/DR exercises, experiments, demonstrations, trials, and other simulation events orchestrated by USG agencies. This information is organized in a manner which will help guide USG agencies‟ perspective on what members make up the community of NMRAs, how they function and define themselves, and recommendations for increasing the involvement of these entities through a comprehensive and detailed account by the NGOs, international organizations (IOs), private sector organizations (PSOs), and other organizations that comprise this group.