A Guide to Strengthened Civil-Military Cooperation in the Combatant Command’s Area of Responsibility

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United States Joint Forces Command

This pamphlet provides an overview of the unified action (UA) series of handbooks developed to assist the joint force commander (JFC) design, plan, and execute a whole-of-government approach. The UA Handbooks are not a comprehensive planning guide. Instead, they complement operational design and the joint operation planning process to enable the JFC and his staff to better integrate with all elements of national power in complex overseas contingency operations, or in support of military engagement, security cooperation, and deterrence activities. This pamphlet describes the handbook series, suggests how the handbooks should be used, and identifies significant interrelationships among the handbooks. The handbooks are guides, not templates. It is important to understand the dynamic nature of interagency coordination and not use these handbooks as a step-by-step “how-to” manuals.