Integrating Civilian Agencies in Stability Operations

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RAND Corporation

This report documents the results of a project entitled “Integrating the Interagency in Planning for Army Stability Operations.” The project aimed to identify the key U.S. government agencies with capabilities that can augment Army assets in stability operations, assess their readiness to participate in interagency planning and execution of these operations, and provide options to Army leadership in making key civilian agencies more capable partners to the Army. The report should be of interest to those concerned with stability operations and, more specifically, to military personnel and civilians who are interested in the development of greater collaborative interagency capacity for planning and conducting stability and reconstruction operations. The information cutoff date for this document was November 2007. A draft version of this report was provided to the sponsor in December 2007. The report was reviewed, revised, and updated selectively in July 2008. The report was cleared for public release in April 2009.