RELIEF 10-03 Camp Roberts Report (May 2010)

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John Crowley

The RELIEF 10-03 experiments was the first pause in operations for several of the key free-and-open-source software players in the Haiti response, as well as the first chance many had to work on issues discovered in the field, especially as it relates to the interoperation of their applications with large organizations like the DoD. The attendees included Sahana, OpenStreetMap, Walking Papers, GeoCommons, Synergy Strike Force, and the ESRI. Also attending were Dr. John Gage (Kleiner Perkins and former CTO of Sun Microsystems) and Dr. Linton Wells (Force Transformation Chair, National Defense University and former CIO of the DoD).

Summary of Accomplishments
- Walking Papers Atlas: developed an extension of Walking Papers that enables any user to print out entire regions of OpenStreetMap into field atlases. Notably, handwritten notes made with these atlases can be scanned and uploaded back into OpenStreetMap.
- ESRI OpenStreetMap Tools: developed an alpha version of an ArcGIS plugin that can read and write to OpenStreetMap.
- OpenStreetMap Job Tasking Server: designed the basic framework for checking out grid squares from OpenStreetMap for editing, and then for auditing work submitted against that grid square.
- Offline GeoCommons Browser: developed an offline version of the GeoCommons platform, which enables average users to upload spreadsheets and automatically build thematic maps.
- OpenAerialMap First Node: designed the architecture for the first node of OpenAerialMap, which will be hosted at NPS. OAM will be the raster equivalent of OpenStreetMap, storing and distributing open-license imagery of disasters.
- HFOSS Consortium: designed the outlines for an organization that can function as a single point of contact between large agencies (DoD, UN, etc) and humanitarian free-and-open-source software communities.
- HFOSS Maturity Model: designed the first draft of a model for evaluating the readiness of humanitarian free-and-open-source software for deployment to disasters.

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