RELIEF 12-03 Camp Roberts East Report (May 2012)

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Dr. Linton Wells II, Tristan Allen, John Crowley, Samuel Bendett

The eleventh event of the Research and Experimentation for Local and International First Responders (RELIEF) projects took place from 21-23 May 2012 at the National Defense University in Washington, DC. Over 60 people from 33 organizations in the disaster response community participated in crowdsourced and tabletop experiments.

Key Successes:
- Tested Crowdsourcing of the Analysis of NEXTVIEW Satellite Imagery: Completed a performance test on the first official workflow of government-owned commercial imagery to a crowdsourcing organization under the NEXTVIEW imagery license. 32 volunteer cartographers from OpenStreetMap put 10 refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya on the map, representing approximately 600,000 refugees.
- Designed Methods for Crowdsourcing the Analysis of Civil Air Patrol Imagery: FEMA asked for means to accelerate the tasking, collection, and analysis of imagery from Civil Air Patrol. Experts at RELIEF designed five methods that will be explored in August with FEMA and CAP.
- Explored Alternative Pathways for Unclassified Information Sharing: Government approaches to sharing information across agencies and with external partners has centered on the use outdated and ineffective web portals—a practice that requires intensive and expensive human labor to read and make sense of accelerating information flows. Experts explored web services architectures for federating data exchange and using machine to filter and analyze big data.

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