RELIEF 12-04 Civil Air Patrol Experiment (August 2012)

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Ray Buettner, Gerald Scott, Tristan Allen, John Crowley, Dr. Linton Wells II, Samuel Bendett

After a domestic earthquake or flood, the first imagery available is often collected by the Civil Air Patrol (CAP). Before collecting spot imagery of specific buildings and infrastructure, FEMA requires survey imagery from higher altitudes to scope the federal “push” of resources. This CONOP details the basic sketch process for planning which areas of interest (AOIs) CAP should survey first, as well as the collection, transmission, processing, and analysis of that imagery. The process is meant to create a learning loop, so that CAP would be tasked with new collections based on their survey imagery. The loop is meant to be entrained with the usual 12-hour rotation of a flight crew. This workow was developed in conjunction with CAP HQ, CAP CA, FEMA, NGA, GISCorps, ESRI, Lockheed Martin, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, OpenAerialMap, NDU, and NORTHCOM at the NPS JIFX 12-04 (Aug 2012) at Camp Roberts.

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