Village Infrastructure Kit-Alpha

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USSTRATCOM Global Innovation and Strategy Center

Deterrence is a primary objective of the U.S. Strategic Command and can be indirectly achieved by creating opportunities for development, stability, and strategic alliances with underserved populaces. As mentioned by experts, individuals often participate in terroristic activities as a means of generating income to support his or her family, or village. A Village Infrastructure in a Kit–Alpha (VIKA) provides essential services and meets humanitarian needs, presenting an alternative to committing acts of terrorism. Specifically, VIKA would contain a method of energy generation, water production or purification, and telecommunications, all of which have been linked to increased development and stability. Furthermore, VIKA could lessen the odds of anti-U.S. sentiments and attacks as it would be provided by the U.S. to underserved populaces by means of the deterrence mission. However, the three basic components of energy, water, and telecommunications are not the only factors to be considered when implementing the VIKA. The local political, economic, and social climates must also be addressed in order to assure acceptance and successful implementation occurs.
The initial focus of the project was to identify available technologies that could be used in the VIKA which should cost less than $40,000, consist of sustainable technologies, and serve 500 to 1,000 people.