TIDES’ reference library includes articles, reports, white papers and other useful information about TIDES’ infrastructure research and support to four Department of Defense mission areas: 1. humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/DR), 2. stabilization, security, transition, and reconstruction (SSTR), 3. defense support to civil authorities (DSCA), and 4. building partner capacity. This is an ongoing research effort. If you would like to contribute to TIDES’ reference library please join the STAR-TIDES Network here: .

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The potential and challenges of open data for crisis information management and aid efficiency: a preliminary assessment

October 30, 2013 Download

The Power of Hackathons: A Roadmap for Sustainable Open Innovation

October 30, 2013 Download

The Role of ICT in Preventing, Responding to and Recovering from Conflict

October 30, 2013 Download

The U.S. Military Response to the 2010 Haiti Earthquake: Considerations for Army Leaders

November 4, 2013 Download

The Use of Social Media by Local Government in Response to an Extreme Event: Del Norte County, CA Response to the 2011 Japan Tsunami

December 17, 2013 Download

The Use of Social Media for Disaster Recovery: Lessons learned while creating and managing “Joplin Tornado Info” (2011) on Facebook and further implemented with “Branson Tornado Info” (2012), Missouri Flood Info (2011-2012) and others

October 30, 2013 Download

TIDES 2014 Demo After Action Report

December 1, 2014 Download

Towards A Rationalisation of the Construction of Refugee Camps

November 7, 2013 Download

Towards Trustworthy Social Media and Crowdsourcing

October 30, 2013 Download

Transforming Earthquake Detection and Science through Citizen Seismology

October 30, 2013 Download

Transforming for Stabilization and Reconstruction Operations

October 30, 2013 Download

Tweeting Up a Storm: The Promise and Perils of Crisis Mapping

October 30, 2013 Download

UNDSS Daily Situation Report Luzon and Visayas- 20 Nov 2013

November 20, 2013 Download

Valued Sustainable Services: Building Partnership Capacity Through Collaborating Approaches

October 30, 2013 Download

Village Infrastructure Kit-Alpha

October 31, 2013 Download