E2S2 - Energy Efficient Shelter System

"Energy Efficient Shelters - Rigid Wall, 20 Ft expandable, Double sided fold out. The E2S2 represents the next generation of ISO container-based expandable shelters designed to maximize energy efficiency and provide ultimate flexibility in transport, deployment, and configuration. All Expandable Shelter Systems can be transported by air, land or sea. Shelters are ISO 1496-1 compliant and CSC certified for 9-high stacking.

In transport mode, the expandable sections are completely nested and stored within a main ISO container footprint. Standard industry forklift pockets ensure ease of movement.

When deployed, the side walls expand from the main ISO shelter, which triples the useable footprint. A unique patented design feature allows the deployed wing walls to be self supporting. This eliminates the need for support jacks and allows for stacking without additional support structure.

The unique SIP panel construction and thermal break design make the E2S2 the industry leader in R-Value and Energy Efficient performance. The E2S2 complies with MIL-STD-810, which ensures a comfortable and manageable living and working spaces."

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+1 509 993 5527
6811 E. Mission Avenue
Spokane Washington 99212
United States

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