Brown Bag at NDU: Nelson Jacobsen, CEO Random Hacks of Kindness

14 May 2014
04:00 pm - 05:00 pm
National Defense University, Ft. McNair, Lincoln Hall, Washington, DC
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May 14th BIO: Nelson Jacobsen, CEO Random Hacks of Kindness At the ripe age of 12, Nelson started a lawn care business. In that same year, he was introduced to his first computer. Today, Nelson's passion for technology, entrepreneurship and innovation guide his business and extracurricular activities. A passion of Nelson's is his dedication to taking on lifesaving roles. From volunteering for the Red Cross to serving as a lifeguard for the Ocean City MD Beach Patrol, and as a member of the District of Columbia's CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), he's experienced in handling crisis situations with recent stints helping CrisisCommons in CrisisCampHaiti, CrisisCampSandyDC. Specialties Distribution, Web 2.0, Incorporating Companies, Establishing Non-Profits, Sales, Sales Process, Emergency Response, Social Media. CrisisMapping, Tech, Future