Field Shield

"IHS directs the Roddenberry Foundation's Global Disaster Response Team (that's the philanthropic arm of the Star Trek franchise, created by Gene Roddenberry). We have developed, with Puralytics Corporation of Portland, Oregon, plus our collaboration partners the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, and the NetHope Consortium of NGOs, a small, low-power water reclamation unit for remote and austere environments. It produces a baseline of 500 gallons (2,000 liters, or two tons) of fresh drinking water from any source of non-salt water, including water contaminated with bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fertilizers, pesticides, fuels, and heavy metals, every 24 hours.

The core unit weighs 60 pounds and consumes 570 watts, designed for 24/7 use. The water loss during purification is less than 5%, and the consumables are minimal and are compact filters and ion exchangers related to reduction of sediment and turbidity to protect the actual purification unit. It is not a desalination unit, but virtually all other contaminants are handled at three-log reductions, certified by the EPA, the University of Arizona Water Laboratory, the University of Guadalajara Biochemical Laboratory, and the CONAGUA National Water Agency within Mexico.

The comprehensive system, taking water from any surface source and delivering it to a tap, involves a pump from the source into a non-potable water storage tank, then through the prefilters into the core purification unit, then from the purification unit into a potable water storage tank and out to a tap for distribution. That larger system consumes more than 570 watts because it uses three small pumps, each about the size of a loaf of bread. One lifts the water from the source into a storage bladder, the second moves the water through the pre-filters and the purification unit, and the third dispenses the water from the clean tank to the tap. The entire system, everything described including the two 500-gallon storage bladders (one non-potable and one potable), fits easily into the trunk of a car and we have photographs of that. We also have photographs of the system in use on the Mt. Hood watershed near Portland, Oregon six weeks ago. We also, from that field trial, have the excellent independent water laboratory reports from three industrial water sites, testing both source water and post-purification from the tap, showing we easily met drinking water standards from highly contaminated water sources. Details, drawings, photographs, and independent lab results on request."

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+1 360 621 3592
Infinitum Humanitarian Systems
220 2nd Ave South
Seattle Washington 98104
United States

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