GigaHouse is a super insulated steel framed building system (steel is the most recycled material on earth) utilizing GigaPanel components and so energy efficient that it can exceed even ICF construction in thermal qualities. It is NOT a SIP’S panel. GigaCrete EPS panels utilize our patented structural steel stud connection system. However the structure is considered a “Steel framed” building system with “Rigid Insulation, isolating and encapsulating the structural steel studs and patented connectors” and is signed off by a local registered structural engineer (PE) and utilizes ICC approved steel studs and EPS foam. We have eliminated measuring each stud typical to conventional framing practices. We build with the insulation panels first which locate each structural stud component, making the installation very fast and right the first time. Walls go up in minutes and a small house can be erected in one day using local labor and coated by plastering or stucco applicators ready for occupancy in about a week. Concrete pads or slab foundations are preferred for fastest installations. GigaHouse comes in a handful of components making onsite installations simple and very fast. Training for installers is available at the Las Vegas factory and it’s free! We need trained applicators and installers all over the World.

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+1 702 643 6363
Gigacrete Inc
6775 Speedway Blvd. Ste. M-105
Las Vegas Nevada 89115
United States

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