Information Communication Technology (ICT)

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KSI Video

KSI was founded in 2011 to be the premiere provider of cloud-based video and associated “Big Data” management services. Our focus is video/data management and sharing from “Remote Sensing Platforms” (e.g., unmanned aircraft, boats, underwater vehicles) both domestically and internationally. The team of ISR/FMV experts previously founded a research and development company which was recognized as the home of thought leaders in the unmanned aircraft video and data processing field.


C-SIGMA Centre

C-SIGMA is an international initiative intended to foster wider cooperation and exchange in the use of and access to satellite based maritime surveillance information at global level.

C-SIGMA stands for for Collaboration in Space for International Global Maritime Awareness. The phrase was coined and the concept developed by Guy Thomas, a former Navy signals intelligence officer and Science and Technology Advisor for the U.S. Coast Guard.


Attivio Eagle--Embedded Information Access

Attivio's Active Intelligence Engine® (AIE®) is the first unified information access technology specifically designed to be embedded in business applications. With innovative features such as indexing and retrieving all types of data, content and media, simple integration, true incremental scalability, and flexible workflow, Embedded AIE differentiates your product and enhances your users' experience and productivity.


Third Block Group

What we do: We help governments and organizations with relief, stabilization, and development efforts by gathering open, sharable information. Our team collects imagery, mapping, and other data in standards compliant formats and offer it without restrictive licensing. We are committed to sharing this information on the ground as it's collected and online via programmatic interfaces. Our intent is to enable governments and non-government actors to work together more effectively by providing a shared picture of ground-truth.


WorldWater & Solar Technologies, Inc.- PEAK: Prepositioned Expeditionary Assistance Kit

PEAK™ (Prepositioned Expeditionary Assistance Kit) is an Aberdeen Proving Grounds tested, self-contained kit with onsite power, water purification and satellite communications capabilities built in to an easy to transport ISU-60 container.

Key features include:

  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification and desalination to create 1,500 gallons/day of drinking water from virtually any source

SatCom Global- Communication Equipment

SatCom Global provides solutions to worldwide communications issues around the globe. Having offices in the UK, USA, Middle East, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Singapore enables us to offer all our customers 24/7 worldwide support.

With so many areas in the world suffering from poor telecommunications infrastructure and only limited cellular coverage, there's a need for a reliable means of keeping in touch, not just by voice, but also fax and email.


iFone/ Cellular, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max based portable communication

Mission : When you have to move fast to respond to emergencies, one of the first things needed is communications. Without that your team members cannot coordinate at the site of the problem. They are limited to runners. Highly inefficient. Time wastes. Injured people wait.

Solution: iFONE specializes in extremely portable communications sets using either cellular technology or Wi-Fi and Wi-MAX technology, or both.


Bounce Imaging Explorer

A Throwable 360° camera with audio and sensing capabilities

Low-cost, throwable camera system that acts as a first responder's eyes and ears before entering a potentially dangerous space.

-360° Panoramic images

-Light-weight & Portable (1lb)

-Simple to use

-Rugged and Reusable

*Android compatible, iOS coming soon (as of Oct 13)