Institutional Stove Solutions- 60 & 100 Liter Cookstove

highly efficient, multi-application, institutional cookstoves. Our stoves use 75 to 90 percent less fuel compared to an open fire. They are also clean-burning (reducing emissions by 90 percent) safe (cool enough to touch while in operation), portable, durable, and cost-effective. Our stoves operate on tiny amounts of biomass which can include wood or our sustainable biomass briquettes. Two or three kilograms of such fuel is enough to cook a full pot of food.

At the heart of these stoves is an advanced-design combustion chamber, built from 310 stainless steel and surrounded by lightweight insulation. At operating temperature, which can reach 1100 degrees Celsius, the stove literally “burns up the smoke.”

The pot captures over half the energy generated by the fire, placing these stoves among the most efficient, solid-fuel, natural-draft stoves in the world. In fact, we believe testing shows our stoves are unparalleled in performance.

After a year and a half of development, the 100 Liter Stove is now in production and available for purchase.

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+1 541 942 9519
Institutional Stove Solutions
PO Box 368
Cottage Grove Oregon 97424
United States

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