LRAD Corporation- LRAD 100XTM Handheld Acoustic System

The Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) is a high-intensity directional acoustic hailer designed for long-range communication and issuing powerful warning tones. Layered defense force protection systems must be easily accessible and rapidly deployable for any operational scenario and allow for near instantaneous escalation across the force protection spectrum.
LRAD is a breakthrough directed acoustic hailing device (AHD) designed to communicate with authority and exceptionally high intelligibility. LRAD systems are easy to use through a simple, familiar, and standardized interface. Manual or autonomous systems are designed for around the clock operation in the harshest military conditions.

LRAD can broadcast in any language with authoritative and highly intelligible communication. LRAD provides military personnel with a powerful, penetrating warning tone that can be followed by clear voice broadcasts in host nation languages to warn and shape the behavior of potential threats. LRAD employs directed sound technology to move the security engagement envelope from 50 meters (without LRAD) to in excess of 3000 meters (with LRAD). This advance in early guaranteed communication is critical in defining next steps -- stand down or move to a more aggressive stance.

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+1 858 676 1112
LRAD Corporation Headquarters
16990 Goldentop Road, STE A
San Diego -- 92127
United States

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