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For years, ETI´s products have provided reliable, sustainable energy to warfighters in the field. Now renewable energy including solar, wind and lithium-ion battery power can be configured as part of a single integrated grid to support small to moderate size sites. Besides saving fuel costs, this approach reduces the dependency on fuel logistics to generate power. In addition, these sources are quiet and produce minimal heat signatures. However, traditional power sources such as diesel generators can be combined for larger systems or as backup. In any configuration, all power production and utilization is managed by ETI's intelligent "Tactical Micro Grid" controllers, which automatically select between available power sources based on economics and load demand, and manage loads based on priorities and available power sources.

ETI's Micro Grid may consist of the following products:

Tactical Wind Turbines® (TWT) for Clean, Silent Power
ETI's line of lighter-weight, quieter Tactical Wind Turbines are designed to either operate stand-alone or work in conjunction with the Tactical Solar products as a hybrid system.
ETI's TWT consist have the following features:
•Compact size 5-blade turbines that produce up to 3500 Watts
•A weight of 50 lbs. or less (for most models)
•Quieter than other turbines
•A single intelligent controller that converts either wind or solar power
•A telescoping mast constructed of carbon fiber, making it strong yet light weight
ETI's entire TWT system can be easily setup by two people in only a few minutes

Tactical Solar
Originally developed for use overseas by the warfighter, ETI's solar power equipment is now equally deployable by First Responders and other homeland emergency services. ETI's Tactical Solar products include:
•Fixed and flexible solar panels
•Solar charge controllers
•Battery modules
•Solar UPS systems
•Tactical solar cases
Units can be used to charge batteries and/or operate electrical or electronic equipment directly. Various DC (and optionally, AC output) voltages are also available. These units are primarily integrated into self-contained briefcases and transit cases to protect the equipment and ensure set-up in as little as two minutes. These same systems can also use DC input from military or emergency vehicles and optionally, AC input from any available AC source.

Tactical solar cases are rugged portable briefcases or suitcases that combine chargers, inverters, and/or batteries with solar panels for power capacity and reliability in the field. Tactical solar cases combine multiple Tactical Solar panels, carry a built-in charge controller to charge batteries or provide 12/24/48 VDC directly to electronic gear, and can charge lead acid, Li-ion, NiCad, NiMH, and other types of rechargeable batteries.

Tactical solar tents and shelters are lightweight military tents and ISO shelters that are integrated with rugged tactical solar panels and controllers. Combined with ETI's tactical fuel cells and portable wind turbines, these tents and shelters create a self-sufficient, next generation forward command center.

Tactical Power Plant (TPP)
ETI's portable power plant supports mission critical loads anywhere in the world using multiple energy sources. The TPP integrates ETI's global Tactical UPS® with the "Tactical Generator" and/or "Tactical Inverter®" with DC input option. The TPP provides computer grade and/or medical grade power from a user's local grid power, auxiliary power units, aircraft, vehicles, JP or diesel fuels. The TPP has three applications in one:
•Power Generation
•Power Conditioning
•Emergency Backup
The TPP also has the following features:
An automatic transfer switch (ATS) that selects between internal generator or external sources
•Global input and output AC power
•Optional DC input for use with vehicles
•Optional multiple isolated DC outputs
•Choice of single or three phase AC
•Built-in fuel tank for hours of run-time at full load
•Auxiliary fuel inlets allowing longer run-times from vehicles, fuel containers, or fuel bladder cases
•Unit monitoring and individual load control (local and/or remote via TTY or SNMP/HTTP)

Tactical Fuel Cells® Power Plants (FPP)
Low pressure NiMH hydrogen fuel cells provide several hours to days of continuous operation. Integrated into ETI's FPP, ETI's low pressure NiMH hydrogen fuel cells offer several potential advantages over other fuel cell technologies including:
• Total packaged power solution: Integrated UPS, Fuel Cells & Power System Control
• Three in one application: Power Generation, Power Conditioning, Emergency Backup
• Currently runs on safe, swappable Hydrogen Fuel Canisters (with fuel reformer in development)
• Global input Voltages and Frequencies
• Global output voltages and frequencies:
115/120/220/240 VAC
50, 60 or 400 Hz
3.3, 5, 12, 24, 48, 72, 125 VDC
• Automatic transfer switch (ATS) selects between internal fuel cells or external power sources
• Runs while closed to protect internal components and reduce heat signature.
• Nearly silent operation in all modes.

DC/AC Tactical Inverters
ETI's tactical inverters are designed for use with military or commercial vehicles, aircraft or any equipment with 12, 24, or 48 VDC power. These inverters are available in portable cases, universal fixed, rackmount, or custom packages. Standard NATO and commercial no-tool connectors allow quick two-minute connection. Additionally, ETI's tactical inverters use an input circuit breaker instead of fuses, and have isolated, true sinewave AC outputs. The tactical inverters also have up to six GFCI or non-GFCI AC outputs.

Tactical UPS and Power Conditioners
ETI's tactical UPS and power conditioners provide reliable AC and/or DC power, and operate from any in-country AC, generator, or aircraft regardless of voltage or frequency. Some models can also derive power from vehicular, aircraft, or solar sources. ETI's UPS and power conditioners convert any world voltage and frequency into clean 120 or 220 VAC sinewave at 50, 60, or 400 Hz, and have the following features:
•A wide range global AC and DC inputs
•Battery backup times from a few minutes to hours
•Battery expansion modules to extend any backup time
•Condition power with or without battery backup
•Brownout, blackout, or overvoltage protection
•Intelligent monitoring and control options
•Rackmount, briefcase, NEMA, and custom mounting options

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