ICCM 2013: Abeer Khairy, Madrasatna: CrowdSourcing in Sudan and the Future

1. The "Madrasatna" Project: "Madrasatna" is a project with the main goal of providing an updated and verified database of key information about schools in Sudan to be used by Non Governmental Organizations, Governmental Organizations and anyone who is willing to help improve and develop the schools and the educational environment in Sudan.The project seeks to contribute to the national effort of bringing about change for good in the educational process and providing an open source platform to be implemented anywhere.

2. "Sudan Floods Map": after becoming members of SBTF and Crisis Mappers and gaining knowledge about crisis mapping and meeting great volunteers from these communities, whom helped us greatly in initializing and establishing "Madrasatna" project, the worst floods in the past 25 years hit Sudan, we immediately deployed the Sudan Floods map to assist the NGOs to help and better locate affected people, not expecting a response as huge as it happened, the map made a spot light on the situation and helped local relief groups in responding to the Crisis faster and more effectively, with the help of SBTF volunteers and Open Street Maps-HOT who worked very closely on assessing the situation and producing maps. If it wasn't for the openness of these amazing communities who shared tools and resources and helped so much, we wouldn't have made the map.

3. "Sudan 2.0": "Sudan 2.0" is an idea of a center we started brainstorming around for a quite time now. The idea is to establish a center that transfers the knowledge and the tools of crowdsourcing in Sudan to help individuals, NGOs, GOs and any interested party to be able to benefit from the technology behind crowdsourcing and crisis mapping, by connecting them with communities, volunteers and experts from all around the world, to bring about a more active community as well as spreading the knowledge through workshops, courses, trainings and consultancy around crowdsourcing related issues." @beeromagied