Sirona Cares

Our Mission: To build sustainable communities.
The Sirona Cares Foundation (SCF) builds sustainable communities by addressing two of the most damaging and persistent patterns in the developing world: poverty and ecological destruction. Our pilot program, started in Haitian rural communities, establishes a stable economic base through jatropha farming, while supporting the health and education of children; this program is fully scalable and applicable to the great majority of countries in the developing world.

Sustainable Development vs. Charity, the Delicate Balance
Our jatropha farming and our electricity projects are focused upon sustainable development. By putting the power to produce and sell fuel in the hands of the world’s poorest people we empower them, creating a real basis for economic stability. In the meantime however, there is terrible suffering in our communities, and we have made advocacy for those who care for and educate children our focus for charitable donations.

We see so many abandoned projects in Haiti, so many good intentions, and good plans that were never completed. Often what was to be a development project turns into an attempt to meet the needs of the people instead, so the long-term improvement is sacrificed to meet immediate need. Our goal is to link resources to our communities where we can without sacrificing our long-term goals. We believe that a critical component of a sustainable community is healthy, educated children. Therefore we report needs that are purely charitable and connect resources to our partners to assist them.

This model allows us to do both sustainable development and charitable work to the benefit of our communities.

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+1 415 336 9069
Michelle Lacourciere
Sirona Cares
4200 Park Blvd., PMB 286
Oakland California 94602
United States

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