Sol, Inc.: Disaster Response Solar Lighting Systems (DRL)


SOL Inc’s Disaster Response Solar Light System provides off-grid and reliable solar powered LED lighting for fast deployment and dependable light. Reliable off-grid lighting allows disaster relief and recovery operations to operate 24 hours a day.

Disaster Response Solar Light (DRL)
Solar Powered LED Lighting System
Made in the USA by SOL®.

• Solar energy module is configured to operate the LED light from dusk to dawn every night of the year
• Integrated energy reserve provides five (5) nights of operation in spite of inclement weather
• Intelligent solar light control system with SOL Inc’s proprietary aiSUN™ controller
• LED cobrahead lighting fixture features bright white light to illuminate a 50’ x 40’ grid
• Factory programmed eliminating any field configuration
• All wiring, installation hardware and connectors are provided
• 20 foot embedded Aluminum Schedule 40 pole, pre-drilled for fast assembly and installation DRL-M01

DRL-M01 Description: 100W PV Module, 100Ah Battery, and all required fastening hardware and wiring. Packaging
• One solar light packaged per skid dimensions: 44” x 39” x 30” (l x w x h) weight: 210 lbs
• One pole separately packaged dimensions: 20’x .4’ x .4’ (l x w x h) weight: 47 lbs.

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+1 772 286 9461
Sol, Incorporated
3210 SW 42nd Avenue
Palm City Florida 34990
United States

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