Soltac - Cook Sack (Inflatable Parabolic Oven)

The CookSack is a patented solar device that is used to capture the heat energy of the Sun. Its parabolic mirror focuses sunlight on a thermally conductive pot filled with water to be used for purification, cooking or washing.

In use, the CookSack is a Solar Oven Kit designed to conveniently heat water or cook food with only the energy from the Sun. It may be used in disaster or wilderness areas that have no materials for fires, or where campfires or cook stoves are prohibited. It is also useful for melting snow or ice for water, warming batteries, signaling and radar locating.

The patented CookSack product is a low-impact, Earth-friendly design. It is non-polluting, ultra-light (11.5 oz/384 gm), portable, requires no fuel and allows unattended use.

Contents of the CookSack Kit

CookSack - ultralight, inflatable parabolic oven, 1.5 oz/42 gm
Kettleblack™ - 1.5 qt/1.4l non-stick aluminium pot, 6.2oz/167 gm
Pinup™ - fastening clips, 0.4 oz/14 gm
Stringalong™ - tie-downs, 0.5oz/16 gm
Stuffnet™ - mesh tote, 1.0 oz/30 gm
Terralander™ - folding stand, 1.7 oz/56 gm
Yellowfin™ - fan & cutting surface, 0.5 oz/14 gm
HotTips™ - instructions for use

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+1 630 327 7090
PO Box 60370
Palo Alto California 94306
United States

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