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The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® has been devised to meet up to 70% of the needs of a family of 6 to 8 people in a developing country, entirely with the power of the sun. Even though it is called an oven, food can be boiled, steamed, roasted or baked at cooking temperatures of 360° F / 182° C, making it ideal for cooking the majority of foods in the developing world. This ruggedly built solar appliance weighs only 21 pounds / 9.5 kg and will last more than 20 years.

The GLOBAL SUN OVEN® has been carefully engineered to provide an alternative to using wood and dung. These fuels are becoming increasingly scarce and costly. The use of these solar ovens can be very beneficial to women all over the world by reducing the cost of fuel and/or lightening the everyday burdens of life.

While the energy conversion principles are the same, the materials utilized in manufacturing a GLOBAL SUN OVEN® have been carefully researched to include the most efficient materials available. In order to capture the maximum amount of energy, achieve the highest possible temperature, and retain the greatest amount of heat possible, while minimizing the weight, the materials utilized have been selected based on efficiency and quality. Other than cleaning, no other ongoing maintenance is required.

NGO’s that have worked with SUN OVEN® have found that they have had an easier time getting people to use them because these solar ovens work so well and maintain cooking temperatures that are significantly higher than other types of solar devices.

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