ICCM 2013: Amanda Donahue, Mobile Accord: Reaching millions on mobiles across Africa

Amanda Donahue from Mobile Accord discusses Reaching millions on mobiles across Africa. "Mobile penetration is growing by leaps and bounds across Africa and the developing world, offering a channel to instantly connect with more people in more places than ever before. There are many fantastic free and open-source tools to send and receive messages, but few successfully scale within and across countries and most require preset lists of mobile numbers. GeoPoll achieves scale by integrating directly with mobile network operators to sample from and target the population of mobile users by location, make responding free, & pay users directly with airtime or mobile money. This talk will have three parts. Part one will set the scene for why reaching people on their own feature phones still matters as internet penetration rates inch upward. Part two will draw lessons learned from two recent projects. The first are on-going monthly panels with WFP monitoring food security in North and South Kivu, DRC. The second is the recent polling of over 100,000 across Africa as part of the UN MyWorld study, helping bring the voice and perspective of Africans to post-2015 Millennium Development Goal priority-setting. Part three will look towards the future and to thinking about how mobile can be further used for real-time needs assessments and direct funding in times of crisis."@GeoPoll