ICCM 2013: Helena Puig Larrauri, MercyCorps: Dispute Monitoring, Iraq & Protection Mapping in Libya

Helena Puig Larrauri from Mercy Corps describes her work Dispute Monitoring in Iraq and Protection Mapping in Libya: "Mercy Corps has recently embarked on a strategy to introduce mapping tools to its conflict management and protection programs around the globe -- from Iraq to Kenya to Nepal. Rather than develop a one-size-fits-all approach, Mercy Corps is looking to design context-specific mapping components that match the programming needs of different conflict management and protection projects. This talk will address the first two pilot projects to adopt mapping: the Iraq Conflict Resolution and Reconciliation program and the Libya Protection Program. The Iraq system uses Ushahidi and FrontlineSMS to collect data on mediated disputes and perceptions of conflict; the Libya system uses a combination of Google products to collect data on demographics, socio-economic conditions and conflict indicators at the IDP sites where Mercy Corps works." @helenapuigl