ICCM 2013: Johanna Vuerman Khisa, Peace Geeks: Introducing Amani

Johanna Vuerman Khisa states, "PeaceGeeks is a new non-profit organization based in Canada. We believe that every non-profit should be able to leverage technology to advance their work. We support grassroots non-profit organizations in developing and conflict-affected areas to get access to web and mobile tools to advance peace, accountability and human rights in their communities.Towards that end, we developed Amani, a new open-source platform to help improve the web and mobile toolkits available to non-profit organizations. Our motivation to develop the platform came out of two areas: 1) when working on websites projects, we could see that we were doing the same thing for all or most partners. We wanted to be able to rapidly deploy new websites to partners; 2) while working with HarassMap, we struggled with making Ushahidi work well within Drupal (and other CMS), and particularly so when trying to make an integrated site work on mobile (Ushahidi 3.0 was not yet announced at this time). Amani was developed to address these two challenges. Built with Drupal, Amani is meant to be a fast way to deploy new websites that leverage mapping technology. We can deploy a site in less than an hour and we can train someone in less than an hour. Our first Amani partners are in Uganda, Nepal, Kenya, Sierra Leone, and they work on issues ranging from human trafficking, sexual and gender based violence, engaging men in ending violence against women, & empowerment of groups affected by violence. We will briefly review the platform, along with a couple of the installs, discuss current challenges, and propose where we would like to go from here." @PeaceGeeks