ICCM 2013: Kepha Ngito, Map Kibera

Kepha Ngito from Map Kibera Trust discusses Map Kibera Trust's community-led, open mapping and monitoring efforts during the 2013 Kenyan election, working and networking online and offline for peaceful outcomes in the slums of Nairobi. We were present throughout the election cycle, during voter registration, primaries, campaigns, election day, and the long aftermath.Slum residents surveyed and collected detailed information of Kibera and Mathare locations in OpenStreetMap, marking all polling stations and ward boundaries; information not otherwise made publicly accessible. For maximum access, we distributed these as printed maps to several organizations, including the police and local administration, used regularly for monitoring security during the elections period. Along Kibera Drive, we painted a mural of the security map. This wall painting captured the attention of hundreds of residents and visitors daily, advertising the SMS number used for citizen reporting during the elections period. Map Kibera joined grassroots slum organizations together to create a network called the Kibera Civic Watch Consortium, which held the first parliamentary debate in Kibera ahead of the elections, moderated by our Executive Director. These local efforts led to the Commissioner of Police himself speaking in Kibera and Mathare on public security. @Ngitok