ICCM 2013: Nickson Nyakambi, mHealth Solutions: How useful is a Tweet? Best Practices for Hashtags

Nickson Nyakambi from mHealth Solutions Center discusses, "How useful is a Tweet? Best Practices for Hashtags." At mHealth Solutions Center we are trying to innovate, design and develop possible solutions that address acute problems in Kenya, Africa and the developing world at large. We initially started with solutions to health problems using mobile and web but now we've realised that we need more that we can do more than that. We are now expanding our interest to include crisis mapping, response and resolution solutions. It is clear that information sharing on Twitter shows that people share information differently on the site as compared to other social networking sites, enabling it to possibly be used as a news media in addition to a social network. Twitter breaks news/reports news faster than traditional newswire providers. For instance during the 2013 Kenya General Elections, Twitter broke news of a violent incident in Kisumu, after the Supreme Court Ruling. The same has been the case for the recent (September 21st, 2013) Westgate mall attack. This has motivated me as the lead Innovator at mHealth Solutions Center to venture into research on how we can better use twitter. @NyakambiNickson