ICCM 2013 Panel: Generating, Analyzing & Using Information from Hard-to-Access Areas

Even with the spread of mobile and increasing internet access, inaccessible regions still remain. Lack of infrastructure, ongoing conflict, government efforts to reduce access - or a combination of all three - make it difficult to collect and verify information from many at-risk communities. This panel will look at three winning technologies from the joint USAID - Humanity United Tech Challenge for Atrocity Prevention, which have the potential to help address this issue. The panel will look at the opportunities and challenges for atrocity and conflict prevention presented by specific technologies (including, potentially, Interactive Voice Response, algorithmic analysis of satellite imagery, and SMS-based verification methods). The panel will also include a view from the ground, including experiences trying to integrate technology into an early warning network in Liberia.

Panelists: Michael Kleinman [Humanity United]: Moderator, Christophe Billen [People's Intelligence], Nathaniel Raymond [Signal Program, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative], Aditya Vashistha [IVR Junction] & Nat Walker [Liberia Early Warning Working Group]