ICCM 2013: Slayer Chuang from GeoThings talks about 2-tier Crowdsourcing for Disasters

Kuo-Yu "Slayer" Chuang from GeoThings in Taiwan: "Usually, we talk about crowdsourcing from the public. In this talk we will introduce two-tier crowdsourcing from both public and disaster responders/volunteers. In our ignite talk in ICCM 2012 by GeoThings, we mentioned using Ushahidi to be the open coordination platform among organizations. This time we will not just talk about the follow ups, but also about how we leverage the "trusted report" from NGO volunteers. As for the reports that crowdsourced from public, we forward it to NGO volunteers for further verification. Combine the trusted reports and the verified reports, this coordination platform provides essential information for disaster response and relief. Based on our practice that currently running in Taiwan, we are about to share this two-tier crowdsourcing platform in this ignite. It includes how we enable NGO to take advantage of ICT for disaster response, what we connect for government agencies and NGOs with open platform, and what's our plan to achieve a better resource coordination"