TIDES' Nelly Mobula discusses African First Ladies Initiative on EmeraldPlanet

Africa First Ladies Initiative (AFLI)'s annual meeting and fellowship is held in New York City, New York USA alongside the United Nations General Assembly each September. The purpose of this African continent-wide meeting brings together first ladies and their "Fellows", mainly chiefs of staff and senior advisors, from such nations as: Angola; Burkina Faso; Guinea; Kenya; Lesotho; Mozambique; Namibia; Nigeria; Sierra Leone; Tanzania; Uganda; and Zambia, among others. Participants review progress made over the past year and hear from key supporting partners on programs in each of the first ladies' priority areas. Interested global institutions, private foundations, along with public and private entities participate as supporting partners in the work of the African First Ladies Initiation to create long-term solutions for the health, education, small-to-medium scale enterprise development, and environmental quality challenges for women and children across the 54 African nations.