Advisory Board

Paul Houser, PhD (Executive Director, Center for Resilient and Sustainable Communities (C-RASC) at George Mason University)
Celso Ferreira, PhD (Co-Director, C-RASC)
Lance Sherry, PhD (Co-Director, C-RASC)
Kathryn Laskey, PhD (Director Emerita, C-RASC)
Linton Wells II, PhD (Executive Advisor, C-RASC; Founder, STAR-TIDES)
Karissa Bergene, MPA (Assistant Director of Research Operations, C-RASC)
Catharyn A. Baird, JD (EthicsGame)
Darcy Bevelacqua (Executive Connections)
Justin Bryant, JD
John Crowley (Ajah)
John H. Francis, PhD (National Geographic Society)
Madeline Haas (BAE Systems)
Mary J.C. Hendrix, PhD (Shepherd University)
Prateek Kumar (Accenture Federal Services)
Scot A. Miller (Naval Postgraduate School)
William Pramenko (VIP GlobalNet)
Eric Rasmussen, MD (Infinitum Humanitarian Systems)
Aaron Rose (Global Tactics; Chair, STAR-TIDES Advisory Board)
Iliad Terra (alfa8)
Tonya E. Thornton, PhD (Delta Point Solutions)
Colonel George L. Topic, USA (Ret.) (National Defense University)
Hannah Torres, PhD (University of New Mexico)
Major General John F. Wharton, USA (Ret.) (Global Connective)
The STAR-TIDES Advisory Board provides non-binding strategic advice to C-RASC’s executive team. Advisors listed above advise STAR-TIDES in their personal capacity.