STAR-TIDES is engaged in a number of projects
  • A rural bandwidth project focused first on Native American Communities, but with the potential to expand to other areas.
  • Several potential projects in Puerto Rico, based on the course in Resilience and Business Innovation (RBI) being taught (virtually) by GMU faculty and affiliates. The initial focus will be in 4 areas, based on potential funding availability: “digital Puerto Rico,” energy, micro-manufacture, and integrated agriculture.  Other areas may develop.
  • A partnership with Shepherd University in Shepherdstown, WV–“Appalachia Advancing.” The focus is shifting from supporting the southern coal counties to COVID-related resilience issues, and perhaps rural broadband.
  • Collaboration with the People-Centered Internet (PCI) on using the Internet to help build sustainable resilience that meets the needs of people, vice corporations or governments. PCI also brings ties to organizations such as the Internet Society, World Economic Forum, and IEEE.
  • Collaboration with the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center.
  • Collaboration with Dr. Lee McKnight’s research at Syracuse University on secure cloud computing architecture and COVID early warning efforts.
  • Collaboration across C-RASC activities, including water for sustainable agriculture in Ethiopia; complex, adaptive threats, such as cyber attacks concurrently with natural disasters; and COVID early warning projects.
  • A STAR-TIDES Japan network, linked to a Japanese government program on Public, Environmental Health and Disaster Medicine.
  • A STAR-TIDES Latin America team
  • We are collaborating with Mr. Rudberg from Google Inc. on making STAR-TIDES a collaborative tool to find resources pertaining to internet connectivity to the communities of Harlem NY and Stafford County VA by providing them with resources and solutions to bridge the digital divide. Please click here to go to this project page.

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