15th Annual STAR-TIDES Capabilities Demonstration

The 15th Annual STAR-TIDES Capabilities Demonstration was held on April 18th-20th, 2022 on the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia. There was also a follow-on demonstration at the Pentagon Center Courtyard on Apr 21st-22nd.
With a theme of “Sustainable Resilience in a World of Interconnected Disruptions,” this year’s demo returned to STAR-TIDES’ traditional open field display format. Besides the core theme there were three integrating focus areas: Electromagnetic Spectrum (EMS), Logistics in Stressed Environments, and Shelter-in-Place (SIP) Continuity of Ops (COOP).  These allowed maximum interactions among exhibits, which included STAR-TIDES’ core infrastructure areas such as energy, housing, water, food, information and communications technology, and health, along with transport and logistics, geospatial information systems, etc.
STAR-TIDES is hosted by Mason’s trans-disciplinary Center for Resilient and Sustainable Communities (C-RASC). C-RASC’s broad scope allows resilience questions to be addressed from both technical and policy points of view, and this year’s theme and focus areas opened exciting opportunities for a wide range of civilian and military collaboration.
STAR-TIDES welcomes collaboration with diverse stakeholders: businesses; local, state, federal and international governments, including defense and security interests; domestic and foreign academic institutions, including multiple Mason entities; philanthropic institutions; think tanks; and non-governmental organizations. The Capabilities Demo is designed to maximize opportunities for exhibitors to engage with Mason students, faculty and researchers.
Thank you to the following sponsors for their generous support:
Akram Elias
Global Tactics, LLC
People-Centered Internet
VIP GlobalNet, LLC
Applied Research & Photonics, Inc.
Institute for a Sustainable Earth at George Mason University
Amazon Web Services
Strategic Marketing Innovations, Inc.
Thank you to the following exhibitors for their participation:
Althea Networks
Amazon Web Services
Applied Research & Photonics
Center for Resilient and Sustainable Communities at George Mason University
Echar Pa’lante
EMP Shield
Hybrid Air Transport
Integrated Cooking
Interactive Tactical Group
Lyman Communications
Modula S
Puerto Rico Science, Technology & Research Trust
REGAL Spectrum
Solar Stik
Sol Donum
Strategic Marketing Innovations
Synergy Strike Force
Syracuse University School of Information Studies
Toilets for People
Turning Point Crisis Management
VIP GlobalNet