STAR-TIDES’ reference library includes articles, reports, white papers and other useful information about STAR-TIDES focus on building sustainable resilience, promoting human security (freedom from want and freedom from fear), and creating life-changing social and economic activities. It also includes references to the Department of Defense’s (DoD) TIDES’ program infrastructure research and support to four DoD mission areas: 1. humanitarian assistance and disaster relief (HA/DR), 2. stabilization, security, transition, and reconstruction (SSTR), 3. defense support to civil authorities (DSCA), and 4. building partner capacity. This is an ongoing research effort.
Monographs and White Papers
Articles/Book Chapters/OpEds
  • “Building Resilience in Complex Information Environments,” seminar at George Mason University (GMU), October 28, 2019,
  • The STAR-TIDES Model of Innovation, Sustainability, Resilience, & Global Impact in the Time of Severe Climate Change & Increased Violent Weather Events [Emerald Planet Television 9.23.18]
  • “Resilience and Innovation in the “Age of Accelerations,” interview with Mr. Thomas L. Friedman, presented April 26, 2018 at George Mason University conference on “Innovation In The “Age Of Accelerations:” Global Resilience And Cyber Knowledge Networking”
  • “Radical Inclusion to Improve Decision-Making,” NDU Lincoln Talk, August 14, 2014,
  • “Radical Inclusion to Improve Decision-Making,” NDU Lincoln Talk, August 14, 2014,
  • Additional STAR-TIDES-related videos available on Google and YouTube
  • Vinay Gupta, “Six Ways People Die” Vinay’s summary of “Too Hot, Too Cold (shelter), Hunger, Thirst (supply), Illness, and Injury (safety and public health)” has influenced a lot of STAR-TIDES’ thinking.

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