Tech Demos & Field Experiments


From modest beginnings in 2007 STAR-TIDES annual tech demos have provided opportunities for network members to exchange information, develop mutual projects, and make new contacts. They’ve provided further channels for global knowledge sharing. Today’s limits on physical meetings can be leveraged to provide new collaborative opportunities, and we want to use this time and space to organize a virtual repository for our members to showcase their products, companies and solutions for application to real-world problems and building resilience globally.


Besides the tech demos, STAR-TIDES/TIDES have participated in a number of field trials and experiments. Many of these took place under NPS auspices at Camp Roberts in Central California as Joint Interagency Field Experiments (JIFX), which involved multiple federal and state agencies, companies, non-governmental organizations, etc. Field trials also were done to understand the long-term effects of weather on equipment. The lower right photo in the left panel shows the results of a bear attack on a hexayurt (a type of shelter) during field trials in Virginia.


STAR-TIDES network members also have been part of various conferences and exhibits, from California, to the U.S. East Coast, to Dubai. Many of these were put on by AFCEA, some by AIDF, some by others. Sample photos are below.


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